Wednesday, July 27, 2016

USB Powered Toys Are Hard To Beat

Battery operated and rechargeable toys are such a thing of the past, USB powered toys are the future! While it is nice for a toy to be wireless, it is even nicer to have a super powerful vibrator that won’t give up on you mid play. 

So, why are USB powered toys so great? USB powered toys vibrations are insanely strong because the toy is directly connected to power throughout use. Now, you might be thinking “doesn’t the cord get in the way?” Sure, the cord is unavoidable, but the power cords on these toys are super long, strong, and can even be extended if need be. Many USB toys have remote controls on their cords so you can easily switch modes or turn up the power without interrupting play or fumbling around for the buttons. Also, you don’t have to worry about your vibrator losing power or the vibrations losing strength as battery power wears down. There really are so many advantages to a plugged in toy!

The Wet Temper 7.5 Inch Vibrating Dong has the strongest vibrations we’ve ever felt from a dong! Usually vibrating dongs aren’t that powerful, this one really sets the bar high. It’s got a suction cup and it’s harness compatible making this dong incredibly versatile.

Check out some of the new USB powered dongs, cock rings, vibes, and masturbators we just added to They are all well priced for those who are on a budget and considering how incredibly strong the vibrations are, we’re confident these toys will blow your mind!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Show Us What You're Working With!

Last week one of the biggest sex toy expos took place. ANME (Adult Novelty Manufacturer’s Expo) takes place twice a year in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. The expo gives adult toy manufacturers the opportunity to show everyone what they're working with in regards to the adult novelty/sex toy industry. This involves educating and arousing buyers' interests on what's to come next. Aside from the obvious, there were many aspects of the expo that peeked everyone's interests.

Due to the loud voice the trans-gendered community has created over the years, the adult toy industry had no choice but to listen. That's right – sex toys geared toward the trans-gendered/transitioning community. Now, I can't share too much, but I hear that manufacturers are working with new technology to produce sex toys that will supply trans people looking for pleasure exactly what they're asking for. This means stronger vibration as well as more experimentation with the physical make of sex toys and sex dolls.

Now we know consumers want more bang for their buck - so to speak. So it was no surprise that one of the most popular kiosks in the expo was to introduce a new toy line offering high-quality, luxury features for a fraction of the price. The Wonderlust toy line by BMS looking to make it's debut just in time for the Christmas holidays is perfect if you want it all. With three unique and cutting edge designs that provide the power and aesthetic of their Swan line, pleasure is closer than you think; and it won't leave you questioning the ticket price!

Another highlight speaks to my pride as a Canadian; the fact that there was much more of a Canadian presence at the show this year confirms the fact that we are not only growing but excelling in many industries. I don't know about you but I can't wait to see these worldly ideas come to fruition.


Monday, July 25, 2016

Try This Fun 30 Day Masturbation Challenge!

We came across this article from Refinery29  that challenges women to spend a minimum of 5 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days pleasuring yourself. This challenge looks fun and to make it easy, they have even recommended a different technique to try each day of the challenge. Some days are for fingers and hands only, other days you use toys. While this challenge is intended for women, we don’t see why it can’t be adapted for men too! Challenge yourself, see if you’ve learned something sexy and new about yourself after the 30 days!

Friday, July 22, 2016

BDSM: What it means to wear a Collar

In any BDSM relationship, there are two roles: the Dominant and the submissive. While these roles often go by other names, ultimately, Dom and sub is what it comes down to. So, with that said, what does it mean to be collared or to collar someone? Collars are worn by the submissive, and they are given by the Dom. In the BDSM community, wearing a collar, especially to a kink/fetish event, is considered a serious thing.

Collars are used in two ways; the first is a way of training their sub. Putting a collar on a sub indicates to them that they are under the Dom’s control. Like how a dog wears a leash and collar placed on it by it’s master establishing ownership and control, a Dom places a collar on their sub. This physical reminder keeps the sub from forgetting mid-scene that they are playing a role and that their obedience is expected. Check out this collar that comes with a leash that is perfect for those who want to “train” their submissive.

The second way a collar is used is when out at fetish and kink events. Coming to the event wearing a collar indicates that the wearer is “owned” by a Dom at the party. Folks in the BDSM community are respectful of each other’s property and do not engage with subs wearing collars without first asking the Dom for permission to interact with or touch their “property”. A collared submissive is “off-limits” to all others, and should be treated with respect all times.

If you’d like to start including a collar in your BDSM play, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

· The collar should be placed on the submissive by the Dom

· The submissive should treat the collar with respect, and be sure not to break character while the collar is on (aside from using safe words when necessary)

· The collar should never be too tight, be sure that there is enough space to slip in two fingers between the collar and the wearer’s neck.

· A collar should be removed by the Dom at the end of play, this is part of the role play, a sub may not remove their own collar.

Many kinksters believe that collars need to be earned and only given to a sub once they have demonstrated consistent obedience. What you choose to do in your own bedroom is up to you. As long as all kinky play is safe, sane, and consensual, you can write your own rules. The main thing is to treat the collar as a treasure; a collar symbolizes your bond and devotion to your Dom, or your power and ownership over your sub.

Thanks for reading! Have some fun with role playing this weekend, just be sure to always discuss consent and safe words before trying anything BDSM related with your partner.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Pokémon Go Is More Popular Than Porn

PornHub reports that searches on it’s website for the popular augmented reality game (that you are probably tired of hearing about) are up 136 percent. Why anyone would search a porn site for anything Pokémon related makes no sense to us. In the app stores, Pokémon Go has become more popular than Tinder. It seems that we all would rather be walking around searching for imaginary creatures than having sex! As you probably know by now, nothing is safe from the internet; it was only a matter of time until someone uploaded their own Poképorno to PornHub.

If you don’t believe us, check out more surprising statistics here!

There have also been reports of Pokémon Go saving relationships since so many couples are so excited about the game that they are heading out to play together.

Give Pokémon Go a try this weekend with your partner! After a busy day of chasing around imaginary creatures, the two of you can unwind with a relaxing couples massage to complete the bonding experience. We suggest taking turns trying out the Roller-Ball Massage Glove on each other; it’s got heavy metal balls in it that feel amazing gliding along your body. Try putting it in the fridge for a refreshing massage after a hot day outside catching Pokémon.