Monday, April 25, 2016

How to Find Your G-Spot

This week’s Masturbation Monday post is for the ladies (and their partners who may need a little help). All women have a g-spot, yet some of us have no idea where it is and what to do with it. The g-spot is not some mythical being living up inside your vagina; it’s a bundle of super sensitive nerve endings about 2-3 inches up inside the vagina towards the front.

First, you’re going to need some lube to make sure she’s comfortable and slippery. We’re a big fan of Wet Silk Hybrid Lubricant because it has the most luxurious feel, doesn't get sticky, and doesn't just get absorbed by your skin in a hot minute. Wet Silk is also safe for use with latex and silicone toys which is a huge plus.

If you are looking for your partner’s g-spot, start with her lying on her back, insert your fingers so that your palm is facing the ceiling, curl your fingers up (towards her belly button) and feel around the area where your finger tips are. If you’re looking for your own g-spot, insert your fingers and make a “come hither” motion, feel around, you’ll be surprised that it’s not THAT far up there. You’ll know it when you feel it; you’re looking for a firmer and more bumpy/ribbed textured area.

Some say that the secret to female ejaculation is just the right amount of pressure and stimulation on the g-spot. Once you've gotten comfortable with your g-spot, we've got lots of dildos and vibes with a nice curve at the tip to offer incredible g-spot stimulation. Check out the Vanity by Jopen - Vs6 with it’s sexy curves designed to massage your clitoris and g-spot at the same time. It’s large bulbous tip will make you feel full while giving your g-spot the perfect combination of pressure and vibration. For a smoother experience, be sure to use a quality lube like Wet Original Classic Gel.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

How To Choose The Right Bondage Rope

Rope bondage, often called Shibari, takes skill, patience, control, and the right kind of rope to avoid hurting your sub or getting all tangled up. With so many types of rope available, it can be hard for beginners to know which one to choose. That’s why we have put together this handy little rope guide to take away some of the guess work.

Before considering purchasing any kind of bondage rope, be sure that you own a good quality pair of medical shears. We suggest medical shears because the blade that will be closest to your sub’s skin has a special protective guard on it. You may need to free your sub quickly (while you may be the Dom, but, when a sub says the safe word, it’s time to STOP) and cutting the rope may be necessary.

Natural Fibres:

Silk: Silk tends to be the most expensive type of rope, however; it is soft on the skin, wont stretch, and glides nicely against itself which makes untying easier.

Hemp or Jute: 

Made of sustainable natural fibres. Jute and hemp are naturally stiff and ruff and will need some special treatment to make the rope soft enough so as not to irritate your sub’s skin. Be careful, some people have allergies to jute and hemp which could cause skin reactions. Always test the rope for allergic reactions first on an area like the wrist and never the neck.


Soft on the skin and not silky which makes it easier to control how tight your knots are. Cotton can at times be stretchy though which can make it difficult to get the desired tension. Cotton doesn't slide against itself easily so it may not be the easiest to untie.

Synthetic Fibres:

Nylon, polyester, and polypropylene: These ropes are grouped together because they are so similar. The great thing about synthetic ropes is that they are inexpensive, smooth, and can be found at most hardware and dollar stores. The downside is that they don’t like to hold knots very well and they actually tend to cause rope burn more easily than natural fibre ropes.

Now that you know all the pros and cons of various types of rope, click here to check out our rope and restraint selection! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Multiple Orgasms & How You Can Achieve It

We’ve all heard whispers and rumors, but actually having multiple orgasms? Well, that’s on par with having hair like a Victoria’s Secret angel and a metabolism that can burn right through morning bagels. But sexperts are here to reassure us all that multiple orgasms really do exist and—even better—that we can all have them!

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“I had a client who would regularly have 30 to 40 orgasms in a session with her man. She may be the extreme, but having one to five is totally normal and doable for any woman,” says holistic sex and relationship expert Kim Anami.

Obviously, we don't need to convince how great an orgasm is, but there are actually benefits beyond just pleasure. “Touch, pleasure and orgasms all have a host of health benefits including boosting your immune system, regulating sleep cycles, alleviating anxiety and depression, and creating emotional wellbeing,” says Chris Rose, sex educator at Plus, she adds, the more pleasure you feel, the more adept your body becomes at releasing the pleasure hormones, so it becomes a positive feedback loop. In addition to the chemical and hormonal benefits, orgasms also lead to greater degrees of emotional release and openness for the woman. (Read more! Your Brain On: An Orgasm.)

And if one orgasm is healthy, imagine how much better off you’d be with two or more!

So, the question on all of our minds is, how?! “Many women don't allow themselves to get fully aroused, and arousal is what fuels multiple orgasms,” Rose explains. This is a long road, and one you might not reach the end of on the first try, but Rose and Anami have a pretty thorough guide to help you get there. To achieve maximum arousal and multiple Os, follow these seven steps:

Check Your Emotions

Building arousal and experiencing multiple Os in one go is definitely about physical technique (don’t worry, we’ll get there), but first step is setting your thoughts and emotions straight. “Becoming a multiorgasmic woman is a mindset more than anything,” Rose says. (And avoid these 5 Common Libido-Crushers.)

It's as easy as believing it’s possible for you personally to climax more than once, Anami says. Next is learning to relax: “Deeper orgasms are all about a very intense state of release, so you have to be willing to dive into the unknown and let go,” Anami adds. Once your attitude starts to shift, two or more orgasms may well become your new normal, Rose says.

For the next 6 steps, continue reading the article here:

Monday, April 18, 2016

Masturbation Monday: Tentacles! (What?!)

Happy Monday! Hope you had a safe and sexy weekend, time for some Masturbation Monday fun to start the week off with a “bang!”

We’ve got a unique new line of toys we are excited to show you! Designed in Japan by Tokyo Design, the Maro Kawaii line is totally different from most other sex toys you’ve ever seen. In Japanese, Kawaii means cute; these toys definitely are adorable! Don’t let the cuteness trick you into thinking these are vibes are tame, the Maro Kawaii line packs major power.

Our favourite is the Maro Kawaii 4 - Tentacle Vibrator. We know… tentacles… what? That doesn’t sound sexy! But, turn this toy on and you’ll be blown away by the “tentacles” insanely powerful vibrations. If you crave REALLY strong vibrations, this one’s for you. The tentacles meet in the middle forming a circle of little mini ticklers perfect for focusing on your clitoris, penis, or nipples.

Another super original toy from the Maro Kawaii line is the Maro Kawaii 3 – Flicking Tongue Vibrator. This toy looks, feels, and flicks just like a real tongue! Add your fave water based lube and let the flicking and vibrating tongue take you to nirvana.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Freaky Friday: Take a Tour of a Dildo Factory!

Ever wonder how the ultra-realistic dildos and masturbators are from Pipedream are made? Check out this neat video that takes you on a tour of an adult factory, it’s like R-rated “How It’s Made”!

Watch how artists sculpt realistic looking vaginas and dildos to form toy molds, and how sex toys go from liquid goo to finely painted and detailed works of pleasurable art! The music is super relaxing and somehow the video will completely Zen you out and turn you on at the same time.

That squirting dildo shown in the video is The King Cock Squirter. This dildo is incredibly life like right down to its special feature: it shoots “Jizzle Juice!”

Check out the entire line of quality Pipedream Products here!