Friday, June 24, 2016

Sex Positions to Keep Your Sex Life HOT and Keep You COOL

Happy Friday! Summer is here and temperatures are rising; what better way to beat the heat than trying out some sex positions that will actually cool you down? We know, sex in the summer is hot, sweaty, and sticky. Try out these techniques to keep your sex life alive all summer long!

  1. Take it to the shower. Sweaty sex is hot; swimming in pools of each other’s sweat is not. Jump in the shower with your partner and make love under cool running water. This tip is even better if you have one of those hand held shower heads that has a hose attached so that you can direct the flow of water to your erogenous zones.

  2. No air conditioning? No problem! Set up a fan at the head of the bed so that it’s blowing directly on you and your partner. Have two fans? Even better! Try some cooling lubricant, like Wet Synergy + Cool Tingle Lube, apply it to you and partner’s nipples and experience the chill as the air blows on the lube, heightening the cooling sensation.

  3. When it’s really sweaty, the last thing you want to do is drip sweat onto your partner’s face, that’s an instant mood killer. Try out this position to keep your faces away from any drippy body parts. To start, the woman lies on her side and lifts her top leg. The man straddles her lower leg and enters her, placing her upper leg on his shoulder. If she isn’t flexible enough to put her leg up on his shoulder, she can wrap her upper leg around his hips. This position works on the bed or in the tub.
    1. Don’t forget doggy style, simple, easy, and perfect to avoid full body contact on sticky hot days. Try positioning a fan so that it blows on your butts during sex. The cool breeze on your backs will help you both stay cool and dry.

    2. Bring some ice into the mix! Running ice cubes down your partners back during doggy style will keep your partner cool and heighten all the other sexy sensations. Ice is a fantastic way to explore each other’s bodies during foreplay. Find out how your partner reacts when you put the ice here….and here… We’ve got sexy pecker shaped ice cubes that don’t melt so you don’t have to worry about soaking the bed. 
    Thanks for reading; we hope these cool tips help you keep your sex life hot this summer! Check back in on Monday for our Masturbation Monday feature!

    Thursday, June 16, 2016

    How using a dong can improve your sex life

    Some women are not comfortable with girl on top sex positions. Many women find these positions make them feel self-conscious about how they look from their lover’s perspective. If you are one of these ladies shying away from getting in the saddle, spending some alone time masturbating with a dong with a suction cup might help you get over those fears and focus on the pleasure.

    To start, you’ll need a dong with a suction cup, a (preferably) smooth surface to stick your dong to, and some lube. An external stimulator for massaging your clitoris is a good thing to have on hand as well. We suggest the Luxy 7” Clear Stone Series Realistic Dong because it’s a great price and has a nice strong suction cup. 

    Attach your dildo’s suction cup to either the floor, a chair, or prop it up on the bed. Get on like you are doing the typical woman on top position, no need for any fancy stuff like you’ve seen in porn. If you don’t tend to orgasm from penetration alone, rub your clitoris or use an external vibe like the Mini Swan Wand to help arouse yourself, trust us, penetration will feel magical with the addition of some extra clitoral action. Go to town! Bounce, grind, and rock yourself like a wild cowgirl on that dong, “dance like nobody is watching”. You’ll be able to appreciate all the awesome sensations of being on top without worrying what someone else is seeing.

    Once you’ve enjoyed a couple solo sessions with your dong, and you’ve experienced how great woman on top positions are, you may find that all that self-consciousness won’t be such a problem when you are with a lover.

    Don’t be shy, nobody is watching! Check back on Friday for our next naughty blog, we hope today’s entry helps you overcome some of the obstacles between you and your sexual desires.

    Monday, June 13, 2016

    Tell Your Lover You Found a New Main Squeeze!

    We just got in a new line from the Swan Collection that we are excited to tell you about! The Swan Squeeze line is pretty unique; you literally squeeze the toy to control the vibrations. No more clicking various buttons to ramp up the power, all you have to do is squeeze the toy harder and the vibrations increase, easy as pie.

    You press one button to turn the toy on/off the same button is used to switch functions. The functions are simple and useful; you can record your own vibration pattern or lock in to your favourite vibration speed. The Swan Hug (the one with both internal and external stimulators) has an extra button that lets you independently choose which part of the toy vibrates.

    Probably the coolest and most unique vibe in the line is The Swan Kiss. Not only does The Kiss offer crazy strong vibrations, with the added flicker of the kiss shaped external stimulator, you’ll feel a delightful “bounce” on your clitoris as it vibrates.

    The vibrations aren’t the only special thing about this vibe, what makes it really neat are the various ways to use it. Since it’s got a 100% play area, you can actually insert the larger bulb at the base of the toy and use your kegel muscles to do the squeezing. If you’re not feeling up to a workout, try squeezing the toy with your inner thighs to keep your hands free for other things. ;)

    For g-spot lovers, The Swan Curve has the perfect shape and firmness to reach your g-spot and put the right pressure on it. Just like the other toys in the Squeeze line, you can squeeze the toy with your hand or thighs, lock in your favourite vibe speed, or create your own patterns.

    Reading about The Squeeze line online really doesn’t do it justice. The sensitivity of the squeeze control makes these toys a pleasure to use. Head into an Aren’t We Naughty store today to get your hands on one of these new Swan vibes with Squeeze Control, we have a feeling that it will be love at first squeeze!

    Thanks for reading! Check back in on Wednesday for our Hump Day blog.

    Friday, June 10, 2016

    Find Out What Your Birthday Says About Your Sex Life

    Look for your b-day month and let us know in the comments if this was as accurate for you as it was for us!

    Wednesday, June 8, 2016

    How To Avoid Feeling Sweaty In Your Shorts This Summer

    It’s summertime and temperatures are climbing. Heat means sweat, sweat means stink and body parts stuck to other body parts (guys, you know what we mean.) The key to keeping your nether regions fresh this summer is keeping them dry. Bacteria love sweat…need we say more? When you’re hot, you can just take off a layer, but, what do you do about the layers you can’t take off? Boxers offer no support and sometimes your package falls out the button opening. Regular cotton briefs? Those are okay….not very stylish though. 

    Male Power has created the Pocket Pool Short that is made of soft comfy cotton with a special pouch on the inside made of the same material as your athletic wear. Your testicles go in the pocket keeping them dry and comfortable all day long. Who says comfortable, functional underwear can’t be stylish too? These boxer briefs look so hot, you’ll want to wear them on the outside (possible Pride Parade outfit?)

    If you’re looking for some new under things that are a less functional and more for show, check out our entire collection of Male Power men’s lingerie.