Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Are you power hungry? This is probably the strongest massager you've felt!

We recently got our very first order of The Swan Wand in stock, and excitement is super high for this one around the office!

When I first opened the box, I honestly couldn't wait to turn it on and feel the power (like we do with all new vibes). The Swan Wand came with a charge to get you going right out of the box, but be aware that the travel lock is engaged when it ships - you don't want your mail person feeling the buzz!

I pressed both buttons to unlock it, turned it on and WOW! Then I realized there was a second vibration that still hadn't been turned on yet...

Honestly, this massager will blow you away! I can see it working flawlessly for an amazing neck massage or maybe even something a little more naughty ;).

The Swan Wand is wireless, waterproof, USB rechargeable and available now!

Swan Wand Reviews


http://carasutra.co.uk/review/review-the-swan-wand-was-palm-power-recharge-usb-rechargeable-waterproof-vibrator/ (Please note: this link was when the product was called PalmPower Recharge during the development phase).

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ladies: Simply, this will make your "O" happen faster. You can't miss this one!

Save 10% right away! No code, no fuss!
Was: $197.95

Sale: $178.16

(Offer may be discontinued at any time. Offer valid online only. Price may differ in store.)

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Science of 'Morning Wood'

A great little diddy that tells you all the ins and outs of the infamous affliction known as "Morning Wood"!
(Okay, so it isn't really an affliction. But ask a guy in your life, it can be annoying!)

Black Friday SALES!

Many websites will put items that don't sell that well for them on sale for Black Friday. Why? We have no idea! They obviously aren't selling because you don't want them. Instead, we've decided to put two of our hottest-selling brands on sale this year!
Only until Monday December 1st, select We-Vibe items will be on for 20% off! (Don't worry, they're the best sellers!)

Find more info on each product below after the jump!
Tango by We-Vibe
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Touch by We-Vibe
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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Have we found the perfect beginners vibe?


We recently received a new shipment containing this little gem of a product called the Little Angel. This isn't just a beginners vibe. So, if you don't fall into that category, keep reading anyway.

Price: One of the best features of the Little Angel is its price at only $14.95!* For that price, you can usually only purchase a standard bullet vibe. While PowerBullets are a great product, with Little Angel, you get some shape at the tip that adds more excitement.

Size: It is super compact. At only 5" (12.5 cm), the Little Angel is a great purchase for those looking for a vibe to take with them on-the-go since it fits so nicely in a purse or even a pocket. Its size also makes it great for beginners because let's face it, our first vibe is generally something small to test the waters with.

Simplicity: The last thing you want to do while in the throws of ecstasy is to fiddle with the controls on something. With the Little Angel, all you have to is give it a simple little twist! A small twist turns it on, and keep going to increase the power.

So there you have it! A compact and simple for only $14.95! What are you waiting for?

*Online price. Price may differ in store.