Wednesday, May 25, 2016

5 Easy Steps to Learn to "Squirt" For The First Time

Female ejaculation AKA “squirting” has become a buzz word over the past couple years. If you already know how to squirt, CONGRATULATIONS! If you don’t yet, take some time and see if you can figure squirting out. It’s not that hard to do, if it doesn't happen the first time you try, try again another time. Despite the myths, not every woman can squirt, you won’t know if you can or not until you try! Make sure to go to the bathroom before you start and lay down a towel or two on the bed because things are about to get messy.

1. Warm up:
You need to be extremely turned on and warmed up for squirting to happen. Lube is an absolute must. We suggest a tingling lube, we suggest Wet Synergy Basic + Cool Tingle Lubricant because it is safe to use with condoms and toys. Tingling lube will help increase the blood (and other fluids) flowing to your vaginal area and this will make squirting for the first time so much easier.

2. Wake up your G-spot:
Now that you’ve got everything all nice and wet, it’s time to get in position and wake up your g-spot. If you don’t know how to find your g-spot, it’s about 2-3 inches up inside your vagina, on the side where your belly button is. Lay back and make yourself as comfy as possible, once you’ve turned yourself on, move in to the g-spot. Using your fingers, a g-spot vibe, or a curved dildo, massage and put pressure on the hard bumpy area inside your vagina. Be sure to keep focusing the pressure along the upper wall.

3. Don’t stop when it feels like you’re about to pee:
As you rub that bumpy g-spot area, you’ll feel it get more swollen and bumpy, this is exactly what you want to happen. The tissue surrounding your urethra is being filled with ejaculation fluid; it’s going to start to feel like you need to pee. DON’T STOP! You’ll just have to trust us, you’re not going to

4. Let it go:
Try to relax and just focus on the pleasurable sensations, try to let that pee feeling go. Go with it, let the feeling build, that fluid build-up is definitely not pee. Don’t resist, keep the pressure on your g-spot, and take your time. Bring yourself to the edge of orgasm.

5. Time to squirt:
When you’re starting to orgasm, push! Yes, push like you’re giving birth or taking a number two. I know, it sounds gross. Pushing during your orgasm will release all that ejaculation fluid that was building up around your urethra. If you get a gush of fluid, CONGRATUALATIONS, you just squirted!

Keep in mind, the amount of fluid greatly varies from woman to woman. Some may only be able to produce a few drops while others may be able to squirt like a fountain. If you aren’t successful your first attempt, don’t give up. As mentioned before, not all women can squirt, explore your body, try some different things, even if you can’t squirt, at least you’ll be having fun exploring your body and making yourself feel good.

Give these tips a try! We hope you have fun discover things about your body and your sexuality that you never thought possible.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

#NationalSendANudeDayTips for Taking Sexy Nude Selfies

Sexting is a fun way to tease your partner when you aren’t together. Sending your lover a nude makes them feel appreciated and can be a huge confidence/ego boost for you when they respond gushing compliments. Sending sexts and nudes builds up the sexual tension between the two of you and when you get home, all that built up anticipation will explode into a HOT love making session.

Nudes are fun but, keep in mind; unsolicited nudes are a good way to embarrass yourself and can seriously offend the person you sent them to. Before sending a nude, ask the person if it’s okay to send them a sexy photo. Even if they are a person who wants to see you naked, they may not want to see you naked RIGHT NOW.

Check out these tips for taking the best nudes!

1. Strip Tease! Don’t start fully naked, a random nude picture message is way less sexy than a short series of strip tease pictures. Start off showing just a hint of skin, perhaps just a nipple or some cleavage.

2. Don’t show your face unless you REALLY trust who you are sending those nudes to.

3. Work those angles: most bodies don’t look very good straight on. Angle yourself by turning to the side; get creative, angled bodies always look slimmer!

4. Lighting: use soft or dim lighting. Think of how people usually look better in candlelight. You don’t want your lighting too bright, too dark is not good either. NEVER USE FLASH! Flash has this awkward habit of highlighting flaws.

5. If you are taking a mirror photo, clean the mirror first. Nothing kills the mood like looking at all the crud on your bathroom mirror.

6. Take a bath. Bubbles, water drops, strategically placed suds. Need I say more?

7. Get in the mood: put on some sexy lingerie or play with your favourite toy. Whatever helps you feel sexy will help you look sexy in your pictures.

The last few are specifically for guys:

8. Taking a picture of your penis with your underwear still on will make it look small no matter how big and hard it is. Take them off and let your junk shine!

9. Grooming: Trimming your “hair down there” will actually make your dick look bigger! Don’t go overboard though, there’s no need to shave or wax every bit of hair off, just trim!

10. Perspective: Dick pics tend to make your penis look small. Work the angles to get the best shot possible. If you’re on the smaller side, try to get closer to the camera and fill up as much of the frame as possible. It’s a good idea to have your hand in the picture for size reference; a penis floating in space doesn’t help anyone figure out how big it is.

Have fun with your nudes! Once you have figured out your angles and lighting, get creative! Try different poses and props. Just be sure to DOUBLE CHECK the name of who you are sending those risqué pics to before you hit send.

Thanks for reading! Check back in tomorrow for our weekly Freaky Friday BDSM blog!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Ten Reasons Why Masturbating Can Be Better Than Sex

  1. Your hand doesn't talk back. It doesn't bitch and complain or ask to be on top. It doesn't text you at three in the morning asking you to come over. Your hand doesn't yell. It doesn't bum you out and make you cry to “Wonderwall” alone in your room. And it’s certainly not going to ask you to pay for dinner.

  2. Which brings me to my second reason: masturbating is 100% free! If you think sex is free, then you’re clearly not thinking hard enough. Sex is not free. Sex is a cab ride to the middle of nowhere at five am. Sex is oysters, alcohol, a new pair of jeans. Sex is expensive for everyone (not just Charlie Sheen).

  3. You’re the one steering in the boat. Often times having sex can feel like a compromise (oh, you want it that way? okkayyyy fine). When you’re jacking off, it is all about your wants and needs. Don’t want to take your socks off? You don’t have to! It’s your fantasy, mister! You call all the shots.

When you're ready to up your game a little with some new toys to spice up your 'ME' time, head on over to!

Friday, May 13, 2016

What’s a Flogger and How Do I Use It?

Floggers, you know, the whippy thingy with all the tails? Sometimes they are called a “cat of nine tails”; they are one of the most common BDSM tools and come with many of the beginner’s kits. A flogger is a whipping device with a handle and lots of tails, usually it’s used for whipping a sub’s back. They are often made of rubber or leather and the tails come in varying lengths and widths for varying degrees of impact. So, the Dom holds the handle and uses the tails to “flog” their submissive. Seems simple enough, right? Well, this is where a little technique goes a long way for both the Dom and the sub. All that whipping can be a lot of physical activity for the Dom, we don’t want the Dom getting tired out before the sub starts to experience the euphoria of the endorphins rush which is the aim of impact play. Another thing to keep in mind, not properly aiming your flogger could seriously hurt your sub (and not in the kinky fun way).
The fun thing about a flogger is that the first few strikes don’t tend hurt much, the impact is dampened by the number of tails and the increased surface area they strike. Keep aiming for the same spot and your sub will start to feel a satisfying sting. Once you can tell your sub is feeling it in that first spot, move on to another spot and repeat the process.

So, how do you aim these things? Start by standing or kneeling over your sub, make sure you have a firm footing and a comfortable body position that you’ll be able to maintain throughout the flogging. Hold the handle of the flogger in one hand and the tails in the other, pull on the tails so that there is a little tension on them, this will help you control how much impact is exerted and makes aiming easier.

Time to strike: try to strike with as much accuracy as possible. Drop your arm, pulling the tails out of the other hand as you do. Never use full force on the first strike, the first strike should be a test of your accuracy. If you managed to strike your intended spot then strike again with more force this time. How tightly you hold on to the tails will determine the force of impact. Strike repeatedly in the exact same spot while paying attention to how your sub is reacting to each strike.

If you are unhappy with where the first strike landed, do not lean in towards your sub or change the angle of your arm; change the way you are standing or kneeling (move closer or away, rotate your body, etc.) This will help you strike with better accuracy.

Here are a couple of floggers to add to your toy box! The Fetish Fantasy First Time Flogger is perfect, as its name says, for first timers and beginners. It’s a light weight flogger made of synthetic leather, it’s great for beginners because while it does leave a pretty good sting, it’s not likely that you’ll actually be able to injure your partner with it. If you think that you and your sub are ready for something more intense, put the Punishment – Black Leather Whip to work, it’s much heavier and made of real leather, and this one can be whipped hard enough to leave marks (should you desire to do so).

A quick safety note: pay very close attention to your sub’s reactions and always agree on a “safe word” before beginning any type of BDSM play. Some subs may like to appear tougher than they are, or may be enjoying play so much that they stop noticing the harm being done to them. Part of your role as Dom is to be sure that you MONITOR your sub’s condition; you must discuss and RESPECT your sub’s hard limits and STOP when the safe word is said. Never strike your sub near their kidneys (about 4 inches above the top of the buttocks), this area is extremely sensitive, prone to injury, and your sub will experience the unpleasable type of pain.

Thanks for reading! We hope that this blog entry has inspired you to try something kinky and new in the bedroom. Check back in on Monday, we will have some new masturbation tips, techniques, and a new toy to tell you about!

Monday, May 9, 2016

“Fappy” International Masturbation Month!

May is International Masturbation Month! Yes, we know, this sounds made up but we assure you, it’s the real deal!

Back in 1995, as part of a World AIDS Day presentation, the U.S. Surgeon General at the time promoted masturbation as a healthy, natural part of human sexuality and as a safe alternative to risky business for impressionable young adults. You’ll be surprised to hear that Bill Clinton, the President at the time, fired the Surgeon General for saying that masturbation should be taught and encouraged in youth Sex Ed. classes. In response to the Surgeon General’s dismissal, a U.S. adult toy store coined May to be “International Masturbation Month”.

In the spirit of Masturbation Month, clear your schedule and spend some time getting “in-touch” with yourself and don’t be ashamed to spread the word!

For the ladies, we suggest the Infinite Desire 7” Vibrator. This vibe is life like and super veiny. It’s got a life-like head and super detailed veins for an intensely orgasmic experience. If the size of this sweet ride isn't enough to get you going, one of the 10 vibration functions surely will! Pair it with Wet Synergy Basic + Cool Tingle Lube and you’ll be experiencing the best orgasms of your life!

For the guys, we've got new vibrating stroker sleeve that’s USB powered. No more batteries, just plug the iSex USB Super Stroker into your computer, USB car charger, mobile power bank, or the power adapter that came with your phone. Try Wet Warming Lube for a more realistic sensation, once you try this lube, you’ll never want to masturbate again without it.

Have a 'fappy' month!