Monday, October 24, 2016

Cherry Popped at The Toronto Everything To Do With Sex Show

This past Saturday me and my friend popped our cherries and went to Toronto's The Everything To Do With Sex Show. Being my first time I had no idea what to expect. What kind of people would be there? How much information could I soak up? Would I be one of the lucky ones chosen to for a sexy lap dance? I had no idea what I was in for until I took my first step into the promised land...

Upon arrival I was greeted by beautiful women and gifted a goodie bag. In the bag was a show magazine, a card that listed the show and seminar schedules, and - of course - some useful freebies. The first thing that really surprised me about the convention was the atmosphere. People of every age, sexual and gender orientation and ethnicity were present. From the time you walked through the door you felt like you were an important part of something. Whether it was your first time or fifteenth time; whether you were educated about the industry or just starting out; whether you weren't completely comfortable or way too comfortable, everyone was there for one reason - for the love of sex.

Walking around the convention I was able to use all of my senses. I was able to look, feel, touch, smell and communicate to gain more knowledge on the wonders of this world. At every booth I was bathed with information and the volunteers were more than happy to answer all of my burning questions. Periodically, I would take a break from visiting booths and go to one of the three stages to see erotic movement sequences - my favourite being the Cirque Erotic where a lovely red-feathered woman effortlessly worked the pole and a red riding hood told us her story using silks. There was a burlesque stage, kink stage and even seminars to gain physical and mental knowledge. There was something for everyone!

All in all - unlike the real popping of my cherry - the day and the show was a success. I left with more knowledge and understanding and the drive to continue learning on my own volition. I also left with a couple of new toys which I couldn't wait to get home and try. You'll be reading about how those worked out shortly.

If you didn't go to the sex show, it's definitely something you should consider next year! If you did, I know you had a great time so comment below and share your favourite part!


This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.

Spice Up Your Sex Life - Sans Whips & Chains

Over the past couple of years BDSM has made a major wave in the industry and has become the number one recommended method to "rejuvenate" a couples' sex life. I mean - who wouldn't want to inflict the pleasure of pain to their partner? And who wouldn't want to receive them? But what about the couples who want the pleasure without the pain? Here are a couple of sure fire ways to spice up yours and your partners sex life - sans whips and chains:


Adults can have toys too! And a vibrator is a great option when trying to add some season to your sex life. I get a lot of people willing to try a vibrator but nixing the idea because they don't really know what to do with it. What they don't realise is that there are many different ways to use a vibrator during sex as well as many different types of vibrators. New blog idea? I think so! There are rabbits, bullets, g-spotters and even couples vibrators. It just takes a little exploration to find the right techniques that work for you and your partner.

Lingerie/Dress Up
In my opinion, there is nothing that can awaken my arousal quicker than seeing my partner half naked - except for seeing them completely naked. And what makes it even better is when their dressed up in a sexy outfit that pays homage to all of my fantasies. This may be tough for some men, but go shopping with your lady and lure her into the lingerie store -trust me it won't take much. Browse and choose some outfits you can both agree on and have her try them out. This can be used as foreplay and it'll only get steamier once you're home and able to peel the outfit off. Ladies, this can only work if you are comfortable and confident in your sexy outfit, so clip on that garter belt and get to werk!

F*cking Fast
This doesn't mean have really fast sex. It's the polar opposite, actually. It's like a hunger fast, but instead of food it's f*cking. If you're having steady relations with your partner and feeling that it's getting a bit stale, abstain from having sex for as little as one full week. No making out, no seeing your partner naked - nada! I will allow little pecks and sleeping in the same bed because you still want to feel their presence but learn not take advantage of it. Once the week - or however long you choose - is up, you can end the countdown together while letting the flood gates open. You'll notice more feeling resulting in a deeper connection which will turn what was f*cking into making love.

Change of Scenery
Imagine having sex in the same country, in the same province, in the same city, in the same town, on the same street, in the same house, in the same room, on the same bed, with the same partner. That can get real boring real quick. So switch it up! I know must of us don't have the funds to be looking out of our windows taking in the beautiful view of the Eiffel Towel while we're getting some head from a Frenchman. But we can enjoy a nice road trip to Montreal with the person we love enjoying a good f*ck from behind in our Ritz hotel. It may not be Paris but it'll give you the same feeling.

I hope these ideas provide you with a little more variety than thinking about which colour ball gag you should buy when trying to spruce up you and your partners sex life. Remember, the best way to resolve any issue is good communication, so be informed on what your partner thinks before trying any of these ideas. Happy Explorations!!


This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Practice of Cunnilinguism

This is a follow-up to our previous article, the Theory of Cunnlinguism
- check it out!

Assume the Position
It's time to get your head out of the clouds when it comes to thinking you can perform the best oral in those taxing porno positions. Positions like the 69 and sitting on your partners face is a great to use for a little dirty talk and foreplay, but doesn't do much for the giving or receiving of cunnilingus. When receiving cunnilingus your body should be in the comfortable position of lying on your back; legs spread apart with your butt on the edge of the bed. Your hips should be cocked ever so slightly in the air to give your partner a better view of your front yard. The givers body should be knelt down on the floor, something like the prayer position (find a pillow to kneel on if you must) with one or both hands supporting the receivers lower back to maintain their cocked hips. Your head should be in between your partners legs and your nose, mouth and chin should be matching the length of her vulva. Maintaining the cocked hips position can be challenging so try using a Liberator Wedge. Place it beneath the receivers lower back for theirs and your comfort.

The Warm Up
To clear the air - no, cunnilingus is not foreplay. It will now be referred to as the warm up. During intercourse the vulva and vagina need time to warm up. That warm up time is when our body starts to show signs of arousal: an engorged clitoris, swelling labia and wetness are all signs that your on your way to a definite win but you have to put in work. Warming up for a basketball game you make sure to practice your free throws, layups and drills. Even though the clock hasn't started and the real game has yet to begin all of your efforts must go into preparing for it. Let the free throws be undressing your partner, let the layups be sensual kisses and creatively getting your partner into prime position for snacking and let the drills be kissing their thighs, nibbling on their labia and pulling on their mons pubis. Edible underwear is great for an activity like this! Get creative and find moves that emit a pleasure filled response from your partner. At this point you may want to get the game started and come out of the gate with a slam dunk but try not to be an eager beaver or you may fumble and end up warming the bench.

The First Kiss
After a substantial warm up -it's time for the first kiss. Clock her wetness, the colour of her flushed vulva and her body language. These are all great indicators for figuring out the perfect time to plant one on her. I compare this to a first kiss to put an image behind the action but for cunnilingus the lips won't be used during the first kiss; instead it'll be the tongue. Think of an old St. Bernard dog giving it's owner one long, wet kiss - exactly. When the time is right you stick that wet tongue out and give the vulva one long, wet lick starting from the perineum and ending - with a flick of the tip of the tongue - at the clitoris. The warmth of your tongue mixed with the lubrication from your saliva is the icing on top of the pleasure you have already supplied and one step closer to a cherry on top - her orgasm. Try this Oral Pleasure Glide to give your first kiss some extra flavour!

Game Time
It is believed that the head of the clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg with the other ninety percent of it being a large circuit of nerves spanning from the perineum through the labia, the vagina and ending at the hood of the clitoris. Some even say the G-Spot is no more than a bundle of clitoral nerves that can be felt via shallow vaginal play. It's game time so put your tongue to work in hopes for a win. Flick your tongue north to south and east to west; fast or slow. Play with pressure on the clitoris as well as well as sucking with an occasional nibble. While your mouth is preoccupied let your fingers do the talking with some of your partners favourite fingering techniques. But if you're finding that cunnilingus is a handful - or should I say mouthful - and are unable to effectively add in fingering techniques, try using a toy. It gives you less work and won't hinder her pleasure. A manageable G-Spotter toy is recommended for times like these.

The Cherry On Top
The culmination of the right position, the warm up, the first kiss and some finger/vibrator play can only lead to one thing. Orgasm. If you know your partner you will know the signs of their coming close to orgasm but if you don't here are some sure fire signs of a woman approaching orgasm: rapid and heavy breathing, raised body temperature and the tightening of muscles, including the ones located in the vagina. When you start to see those signs, take a backseat, put on your seat belt and hold tight! When she is mid orgasm you experience exactly what she is feeling through her voice and her body. It is at this point where you should simply keep your tongue pressed firmly on her clitoris and join her on her ride. During the comedown you may flick your tongue on the clitoris left to right and up and down, matching her as she slowly comes to a blissful end.

Happy Explorations!


This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.

Friday, October 14, 2016

We're back from EroFame - and here's what we found!

We're back! And feeling better than ever after our manufacturing division, BMS Factory, won the coveted award for Best Luxury Product Line for Swan Squeeze. We were granted the award via two beautiful women salsa dancing. They kept the energy up for the full length of the convention (3 days) which sprinkled a vivacious spirit on top of the attendees and the entire convention. We are grateful for the invitation and recognition and want to thank the organizers of eroFame and all of the convention attendees who visited our booth.

At our booth we presented our new line of luxury products named Wonderlust. Luxury, quality toys for affordable and economic pricing. The Wonderlust collection carries various styles, sizes and colours of vibes at an unbeatable price – convention attendees seemed to absolutely love that! We wanted a luxury line that reached out to a broader consumer audience and with the feedback we gained from eroFame we know Wonderlust is the key. Expect the collection in Aren't We Naughty stores just in time for the Christmas season!

We also showcased our Simple & True brand, best know for it's Wash Away Toy Cleaner. We've added a Roller Ball Massage Glove and received a great response from our battery operated massager, The Charmer. On top of being battery operated, The Charmer comes in various colours and is equipped with two powerful speed settings; perfect for Christmas gift giving on a budget.

At eroFame we did a bit of shopping so here's what to expect next. If you liked the Satisfyer before, you're going to love what's to come. After every attendee at the convention received a Satisfyer upon arrival we had to stop by their booth and check it out - we liked what we saw. In the near future, expect a battery operated option of the Satisfyer which can cut the cost in half! Let's say it together: Christmas gifts!

The handy design of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin especially impresses newcomers to sensual solo play with its cute shape and simple use. The curved head on this pressure wave vibrator creates never-experienced-before climaxes with 11 different programs. The rechargeable batteries make it ready for any adventure. Magnetic USB charging cable included.

Aren't We Naughty has gained a lot from this years eroFame. We've already started making plans for next year! Stay tuned to our website and our Aren't We Naughty Blog for real time updates on what to expect next.


This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Different Lubes for Different Situations

When it comes to sexual intercourse everyone is different and there is no one special move that works on the masses. It's the same for your lubricant. Here are some examples of different lubrications for sensual situations:

Sex with a condom

When having sex with a condom stay far away from oil based lubricants such as vaseline or any natural oils like coconut oil. These lubricants can be great for some sensual situations but not when a latex condom is involved. The oil will break down the integrity of the condom making it's use redundant. Engaging in coitus with a latex condom? Try water based or silicone based lubricants.

Sex without a condom

In this situation I would recommend a silicone based lubricant due to it's staying power. Unlike water based lubricants, silicone based lubricants take longer to absorb into the skin leaving more time for play and less time used for reapplication. Sure, the silicone based lubricants can stain the sheets but at least there's an excuse for you to do it on the floor.

Sex in the shower

Personally I'd like to keep this sensual situation a fantasy. But if I were to one day re-enact my fantasies I'd definitely use a silicone based lubricant. It has less chance of being washed away by the water in the shower than a water based lubricant. This will help the fantasy last a little longer because I would have to pause for reapplication.

Masturbation Using A Toy

DO. NOT. USE. SILICONE. LUBRICANT. WITH. SILICONE. TOYS!!! To be safe, I suggest using water based lubricant or a hybrid lubricant for times of self pleasure involving any material of toy.


Many people are hesitant when performing these sensual acts due to smell or taste – now there is no excuse. Flavoured lubricants, mostly created with water based lubricants, get your mind off of one smell and taste and on to the pleasure of your partner. Flavours from strawberry-kiwi to a classy passion fruit and even sizzling bacon will erase all excuses and allow you to find the fun in performing oral sex. If the taste or smell doesn't effect you, well, there's no better lubricant than saliva!

Anal Play

Depending on what you're into there are many situations where thicker is better, and anal lube is one of them. What differentiates an anal lube from a standard water based or silicone based lube is it's thickness due to the addition of glycerin. The best way to check the thickness of an anal lube is to mark how fast the air bubble inside of the bottle moves from bottom to top when the bottle is turned upside down - in this case, slower is always better. If thick isn't for you a silicone based lubricant will do just fine but don't forget to schedule some time for rest and reapplication.

Happy Explorations!!


This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.