Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Womanizer is back in stock!

Yes, that's right, your ears do not deceive you! One of the best-selling women's toys of the last few years is back in stock at Aren't We Naughty and we couldn't be more excited! If you somehow haven't heard by now, the Womanizer delivers.

Through the use of a light pulsating vacuum chamber, when the Womanizer is placed directly over the clitoris, the sensations can only be described as incredible, earth-shaking, sheet-gripping, absolutely amazing... well, you get the picture.

Currently, all colours are in stock but that may not last long considering the popularity and downright effectiveness of the Womanizer. Just recently, it was awarded the prestigious "Innovative Sex Toy Technology of the Year" Award in Los Angeles.

Still not convinced? Find more information and order here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tis the Season for Toys - The Greatest Adult Gifts for the Holidays!

We have some suggestions as to how you might want to spend those extra Christmas Holidays this year— and no, your family is definitely not invited.

This year, why not slip a few naughty items into each others' stocking along with the other gifts? It's the perfect way to give back to one another – and ladies, it could change your world.

We've pulled together some options for every personality, because we know one size certainly doesn't fit all in this area, but adding some stimulation can certainly help everyone out.

So here are some choices for wrapping up and handing out this holiday season. Might we just recommend some discretion when it comes to where you open it?

The Home Dweller

Not everyone who has space for sex furniture, but for those who do, this ramp-like device from Liberator can come in handy. They have a variety of options, all of which impact the body in different ways. 
The Liberator Ramp

The Control Freak

Why get a whip? It gives a sense of control in the bedroom, for those who like that, and using one that isn't too harsh can be a great way to start. Punishment – Black leather whip.
Black Leather Whip

The Busy Body

Really don't want to leave home without your vibrator — Give “plug-n-play” a whole new meaning with i-sex's incredible collection of portable USB-powered pleasure devices.
iSex USB Bullet

The Thrill Seeker

Bondage — you know, the stuff that's become so popular thanks to "50 Shades of Grey." Try out these high-quality, Tender cuffs to test your own boundaries.
Furry Tender Cuffs

The Long Distance Relationship

A Naughty gift to send to your long distance lover would be something that they could still use while thinking of you.... or better yet, with you! Some We-Vibe products actually allow you to control the vibrations from anywhere in the world via your cell phone. How cool is that?!
We-Vibe Passionate Play Collection

The New Mom

Alright, it's not the sexiest gift (so perhaps it's something one sister gives to another?), but these Kegel balls from Seven Creations can help with those Kegel exercises you always hear about, whether it's during pregnancy, after or just to have stronger orgasms in general. Be sure to check with your doctor about post-birth use for safety. The Perfect Balls Kegel Exerciser
The Perfect Balls Kegel Exerciser

The Flexible

For those who have thought to themselves, 'I bet a swing could create some pretty cool positions,' this could be the gift for you. We particularly love that it's so easy to put up and take down, meaning no awkward moments when the in-laws come over.
Fetish Fantasy Swing

The Beauty Bombshell

This one's a two-in-one treat — the Kama Sutra Strawberry Dreams Weekender Kit this will give the lady (or gentleman) a lustrous glow, while also creating a bit of a body treat to lick off with the Oil of love, Honey Dust, Pleasure balm and massage oil-This will definitely add to your weekend!
The Strawberry Dreams Weekender Kit

The Stress Case

Yes, sex and stress can go hand in hand — but they shouldn't. So for those for whom massages are merely a break at the end of a long week, this tool can act as both a body soother and sensual foreplay.
The PalmPower Personal Massager

Don't forget about the PalmBody head attachments as a add on gift!
PalmBody PalmPower Attachment Heads

The People Who Love A Mess

Be honest — have you ever been able to think about sex and body paint without considering how gross your sheets would get? Cleanliness notwithstanding, it could be fun to throw caution to the wind one evening (or four) and get messy with this edible body paints kit. And then, of course, lick it all off.
Edible Body Play Paints

The Researcher

Not everyone wants to find out about new tips through experimentation... which is why books like "Great Sex Tips" exist. Giving different ways to arouse, tease, inspire, and stimulate your sex life.
Great Sex Tips

The Natural Experimenter

We know all the usual suspects — chocolate, oysters and alcohol — but testing out a new aphrodisiac perfume could be just the right thing. Think of it as cupid's arrow. This one is a unisex balm that acts as a gender friendly attractant designed to give you a little extra luck when you have someone that you are trying to attract.
Pure Instinct Pheromone Infused Solid Perfume

Friday, October 2, 2015

4 Things You Should Never, Ever Do To Your Vagina (And 7 Things That Should Go In It!)

A great article popped up on FoxNews.com outlining 4 things that you really shouldn't do to your vagina. We definitely agree, and it even outlined 7 things that are okay to put in it! Yay!

"You should never try to self-medicate with homemade remedies like garlic or tea tree oil," Dardik said.
At the very least, they won't make a dent in your misery. At the very worst? Well, it's not pretty.
"I've seen chemical burns from some of these Internet suggestions, and a chemical burn inside of your vagina is not something I'd wish on anyone," Dardik said. 
Inserting UFOs (unsanitary foreign objects) seems like a good idea until it doesn't.
You already know what's allowed to go into your vagina: tampons, fingers, sex toys, a penis, lube, birth control, menstrual cups—and that's about it. Give everything else the Monty Python treatment: None shall pass.
Read the full article and check out the whole story here: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/10/02/4-things-should-never-ever-do-to-your-vagina/

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Getting The Fire Back After You Have Kids

We often find ourselves faced with a problem after kids are brought into the mix. As much as we love and adore them, their innocent little selves can be a real buzzkill in the romance department. You may not have the free time you used to with your partner or even the opportunities that you once had.

Jennifer White, a blogger over at Huff Post has a great take on how to get things fired up again during this often tumultuous period

Read the full article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jennifer-s-white/5-tips-for-parents-looking-to-rekindle-their-sex-lives_b_7970252.html

5 Tips for Parents Looking to Rekindle Their Sex Lives

By: Jennifer S. White
1. Talk.
I will not play the gender card here either.
Some people are more verbal and others are not, and I don't believe this is a man or woman thing. Instead, it's a hodgepodge of how willing we are to share, if words are the way that we show love, and likely, too, of how our families expressed themselves, etc, etc. Yet, don't misinterpret that we do need to talk through things. No -- we need to talk through everything. Get used to it.
If words are not your best form of expression, then consider writing down what you need to say. More, if you -- like I -- am an extremely... passionate (read: hot-tempered) individual, then consider occasionally sending an email that gets ideas across better than can sometimes be conveyed through conversation.
2. Hugs.
Hugging is hugely underrated. It helps forge a feeling of closeness and it also cuts through life's tension that gets in the way of how we feel about our partners, if we could stop time and co-exist outside of work and child-rearing.
Raising children isn't the only reason a relationship might go through a sexless or less-sex period. Illness and long distance are other possibilities -- and my relationship has gone through all of these reasons.
I'll never forget seeing my husband, then boyfriend, as I got off the plane to visit him across the country in New Mexico. I can still feel the sensations of his strong arms as they completely enveloped me, standing in front of him. That hug meant and said more to me about his love than any words could have. His hugs still make me feel wonderful. In other words, hug it out.
3. Listen.
Speaking of hugs being underrated, talking is also over-rated -- listening is the new best thing.
Honestly, listening involves stopping our own thought processes and authentically being present with our partner, and truly hearing and taking in their experiences of both life and our relationship through life together. This is worthy of an article by itself. Regardless, let's all put on our listening ears.
4. Stay present.
I've been with my husband since we were 14 years old. In other words, it's easy to re-hash the past. Don't. Stay here. Stay current. Trust me, I'm horrible at this.
I have an elephant's memory and a sensitive heart, and it's taken me years and years--echo after me : years and years -- to learn, and repetitively understand, that while yesterday's problem might still be today's, it's crucial to discuss what is happeningnow.
This is easier said than done, both externally and internally, so my suggestion (aside from professional help for recurring problems) is to:
5. Walk the fuck away.
Walk away.
When we cannot move mentally past a conflict or regroup ourselves for our best dialogue, then we need to walk away, cool down, internally reconfigure our feelings and then express them at another moment. In short: Walk. The. Fuck. Away.
Follow Jennifer S. White on Twitter: www.twitter.com/yenniwhite

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sexual Activity Linked To Higher Quality Of Life For Seniors

(Reuters Health/ By Madeline Kennedy)

Older adults who value sexual activity and engage in it have better social lives and psychological well-being, according to a small study in Scotland

Older adults said "they miss and want to engage in sexual behaviours, whether that be a kiss to intercourse," said study co-author Taylor-Jane Flynn in an email. "For many, these behaviours remained an important element in their life."

Flynn, a psychology PhD candidate at Glasgow Caledonian University, said the study was inspired by her work as a health care assistant for elderly people.

Although quality of life is a key consideration for older adults, sexuality is rarely studied, write Flynn and Alan Gow, an associate professor of psychology at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, in the journal Age and Ageing.

The researchers recruited 133 Scottish adults aged 65 and over by distributing questionnaires at local clubs, small businesses and older people’s groups.

About half the participants lived with a spouse or partner.

The questionnaire asked how often in the last six months participants had engaged in six sexual behaviours: touching/holding hands, embracing/hugging, kissing, mutual stroking, masturbation and intercourse.

Participants also rated how important those behaviours are to them, on a five-point scale ranging from “not at all important” to “very important.”

Additionally, the questionnaires assessed participants’ quality of life based on physical health, psychological health, social relationships and environment.

Between 75 and 89 percent said they'd engaged in kissing, hugging and holding hands or touching. Men and women scored about the same for frequency and importance of sexual behaviours overall, and for quality of life.

Although people with frequent sexual activity also placed higher importance on it, the analysis found the two measures were associated with different aspects of quality of life.

Participants reporting more frequent sexual behaviour rated their social relationships as higher quality, while people who found sexual activity to be important had higher scores for psychological quality of life.

Overall, however, seniors’ health status had the strongest impact on all aspects of quality of life.

John DeLamater, a sociology professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, said the fact that participants were recruited in community settings - which may attract more healthy and active older people - might affect the results.

“If they are generally healthier (which the results show to be associated with quality of life), they are probably more sexually active,” DeLamater said in an email.

For people who have valued sexuality throughout their lives, he noted, “continuing activity provides protection against a sense of ageing and loss, and of continuity if the person is in a long-term relationship.” That may explain the links between sex and well-being found in the study, he said.

While the current study only looked at associations and cannot determine whether sexuality raises quality of life, Gow noted, he hopes that future research will focus more on this subject.

“What we hope is that our current findings encourage other researchers interested in the determinants of health and well-being in older adults to also consider sexual behaviours,” Gow said in an email.

The sexuality of older people should be considered and encouraged, DeLamater said. “We should encourage couples to spend time alone, provide arrangements in care facilities that enable sexual intimacy, provide sexual health information in medical settings.”

SOURCE: bit.ly/1CXCiLh Age and Ageing, online July 14, 2015.