Friday, March 31, 2017

Top 5: Tips For Better Self Pleasure

This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.

Don't get caught slipping. Before your next masturbation session, brush up on the top five self-pleasure tips you'll need to achieve a squir-tastic orgasm!

1. The Right Toy
When looking for toys there are so many options that the choice can start to seem very overwhelming. To combat this feeling it's good to know what you want from a toy before shopping. Do you want to achieve a vaginal, a clitoral or a g-spot orgasm? Do you want internal or external stimulation? Vibrating or non-vibrating? Answer these questions and you'll find that the options will become much more manageable. For clitoral orgasm, I always go for my right hand man – the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. He never lets me down.

2. Lube!
Just like toys, lubes come in many different styles for many different purposes. Do you choose a silicone or water-based? Warming or cooling? Natural or hybrid? Decisions, decisions! I suggest starting out with a basic water-based lubricant before expanding your unguent horizons. Why water-based? It's the most universal of lubricants and is always recommended when using silicone toys for self-pleasure - and any toy for that matter. It's also great to explore with lubes because you may find that your body responds to self-pleasure so well you won't even need it.

3. Reinforcements
First, a lock on your door (for those who don't live alone.) Peace of mind is key in true relaxation during self-pleasure. Personally, I like a little music. Whether driving, cleaning, or working it always gets me in the mood; and, when masturbating, drowns out my pleasure filled moans and groans. With pleasure comes the moans and groans along with some leakage. That's why a plastic sheet protector is a great tool when you need something to catch those heavenly juices and save those bed sheets.

4. Privacy
Some people enjoy the risk of engaging in self pleasure while knowing someone else is home. I agree, it can definitely add to the experience but as a woman who does not live alone I've experienced the pros and cons of this and, personally, I'm over it. I've had my share of being caught in flagrante delicto, and now there is nothing more satisfying than knowing I have complete privacy. With that peace of mind during self pleasure the options for exploring yourself are endless. Explore different positions and techniques, moan freely and when you've finished just lay there naked and satisfied. That's my definition of true pleasure.

5. A Good Cleansing
Depending on who your mentality this is a tip you may or may not care for. Personally, it depends on the mindset I went into my self-pleasure session with. If I went in looking for a quickie, I wouldn't spend much time thinking about how I'd cleanse myself afterward; a quick wipe in the right areas would do because chances are, after my session, I'd drop asleep in a matter of seconds. But if I went into my self-pleasure session looking for an experience that would awaken then relax all of my senses, I would plan a nice long shower or even a bubble bath where I'd extend my self-pleasure by washing myself then washing my toy. Washing your toy with toy cleaner or warm soapy water is a step you should never forget!

Well, that's my Top 5. What are yours? If you have any add ons or a tip you'd switch out, comment below and keep the conversation going!! Happy explorations!


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dental Dam, That Was Good!

This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.

Okay, so, I've read that there is an increase in oral cancers - throat and tongue - in men deriving from HPV - who would have guessed it? I can only imagine this statistic has risen due to out generations men finding enjoyment in performing cunnilingus on women - God bless 'em! Now, I'm not saying that it's a bad thing that our generation has found a sense of joy and pride in the performance of many sexual practices - it's a great thing! But with the invention of social media and online speed dating, they've placed pussy and penis in the palm of our hands – literally. As humans we've felt the pleasure and taken advantage.

Dental Dams - 5/Pack Assorted Flavours thumbnail

I mean, who wouldn't want pussy and penis at the click of a button? But we need to remember that everything is good in moderation. And if you are going to over indulge in the art of cunnilingus, try to find a way to counter balance so the scales won't tip to the side of you possibly contracting and for of oral dis-ease. A dental dam, perhaps?

Over the years, dental dams have had a bad wrap - pun intended. Sure, they may be hard to keep in place; can possible leave a bad taste due to the latex; and can ruin the mood when it's time to pull it out, but how is that any different than the use of condoms? Even though people prefer not to use condoms they still use them, so why can't it be the same with dental dams? When used during cunnilingus or anilingus, dental dams have the exact same benefits as condoms with the most important being protection from STI's and the like. Just like condoms, with dental dams, there is a little give and take. With a small diminishment of pleasure you receive optimal safety and peace of mind.

Dental Dam thumbnail

So the next time you plan on going downtown, prepare yourself with a dental dam. They now come in many different flavours to mask the taste of the latex and you can find them by clicking right here! Now, there's really no excuse. Happy Explorations!!


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Things To Know When Shopping For Lingerie

This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.

So, I've been getting a lot of inquiries involving lingerie, and needless to say, they haven't all been good. Here's a few tips on how to make your lingerie shopping experience a little more fruitful, and my job a lot easier…

One Size Does NOT Fit All
Don't be fooled by the one size fits all tags you see on some retail lingerie. Chances are, if you're not a small or medium, that one size may not be for you. Lingerie retailers have learned from their mistakes and have recently changed the size tags to read 'one size fits most.' This change has cleared some things up for consumers but what you need to know is that even though that size tag has changed the outfit is still the same.

Try To Buy In-Store
If you're a veteran in buying yourself lingerie; you know your size, and have a preferred brand who's sizes you are familiar with, shopping online shouldn't be to much of an issue. But if you are not a veteran it's best to keep your lingerie shopping non virtual. Buying lingerie in-store will always give you the upper hand. Before purchasing in-store you are able to compare sizes, feel the materials of the outfit - confirm whether they have good stretch or not, ask any questions that arise to a knowledgeable store clerk, and most importantly you will be able to try the outfit on. These are all very big factors that separate a great lingerie purchase from a disastrous one.

Know Your Measurements
Did you know that a woman should get sized for a bra at least twice a year? Our bodies change; growing and shrinking in all directions and areas. Because of this, as difficult as it may seem, it's best to stay on top of our measurements; waist, natural waist, hips and bra size being the most important when purchasing lingerie. Next time you're looking to buy a bra, before browsing, ask a clerk for a fitting so you know what you're looking for. Speaking from experience, you'll see and feel a big difference once it's time to try on your options.

If these don't help, I'm sure your birthday suit will do the trick.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Product Review: Satisfyer Pro Penguin

This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.

I'm sure you've all noticed the new clitoral stimulators on the Aren't We Naughty online store. The Satisfyer line includes the new clitoral stimulators that are making waves in the adult toy industry and trumping the Womanizer's popularity amongst women. With all of the hustle and bustle surrounded by these Satisfyers I had to experience the hype for myself. So, at this years Toronto Sex Show, I picked up the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. I tried it that very night; and after that, nothing was the same.

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin usually retails for easily over a hundred dollars. I know what you're thinking, "Woah! A hundred bucks?" But that's a steal compared to the retail price of the Womanizer when they first came on the scene. Plus, you can find the SatifyerPro Penguin for way cheaper than retail on the Aren't We Naughty online store.

What really sold me on the Satisfyer Pro Penguin was:

• The patented Pressure Wave Technology
• That the toy is completely Waterproof so you can take it for a swim
• It has 11 orgasmic functions that promise climax every time
• It's made with body-safe silicone so it can be used on all skin sensitivities
• It's rechargeable - no batteries, no problem
• And, it's just so darn cute!!

The appeal of the brand new, white Satisfyer Pro Penguin packaging with the sonic waves signifying the innovative Pressure Wave Technology had me at hello. Inside, the packaging is very straight forward. It came with the Penguin, the magnetic USB charger and an instruction manual outlining the use and maintenance of the toy in multiple languages. The toy came fully charged - to this day I have yet to feel the need to recharge it. The Penguin is very effective and efficient in helping the body achieve orgasm making the battery life seem never-ending. During use I find that the make of the Penguin is very ergonomically friendly. I can grip the toy in one hand comfortably and use the thumb of whichever hand I choose to use to flip through the 11 orgasmic functions.

The only flaw is that there is only one button to control the intensity of the pressure wave technology. So as you press, the pressure only goes one way - up. Until you reach the highest function, and at that point the pressure starts to deescalate bringing you back to the lowest setting. After orgasm, if you don't click fast enough to reach the lowest setting you may feel like the toy is sucking the life out of your clit. Which, depending on how you like it, may not be such a bad thing. To combat this flaw, I simply press my way back down or turn the toy off completely after orgasm.

All in all, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin delivers in every way it advertises. I have achieved orgasm after orgasm , and I've even squirted! with little to no effort on my end. With the Satisfyer Pro Penguin all you have to do is comfortably place the head of the toy around your clit and let your body relax into ecstasy.

I've got mine, now it's time to get yours?!

Shop all Satisfyer models here.


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gift Ideas for Your Guy

This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.

T'is the season, ladies. Where we rack our minds to try to figure out what the best gift would be for our boy toy. We spend hours in the mall; spend hundreds of dollars and create nail biting suspense right before the gift is opened just to learn that it all could have been as simple as letting him watch a ball game undisturbed then turning him out in the bedroom right after. This year, we know better. Here are some gift ideas that will keep the big and the little man happy this Christmas season.

Autoblow 2+

I don't know about you but I thank the genius who came up with this toy. The Autoblow 2+ is an electronic blow job simulator. Being the equivalent to a clitoral stimulator for women we can only imagine the look on our guys face when he opens this gem on Christmas day. No worries, ladies. This toy is far from becoming our replacement but there is no doubt it will keep him and Jr. happy on the days that we deserve a break.


In foresight, this gift is more for you than it is for him but he will definitely reap the rewards. Unless dressing up in lingerie is what you guy is into... We don't judge. Adding some sexy lingerie to your sexual encounters will lend a lot, or a little - depending on the outfit you choose - to the imagination. You can surprise him on Christmas eve dressed in a super sensual number, and when the clock strikes twelve and turns to Christmas day you can use yourself as the gift waiting to be unwrapped.


Show your boy who's boss or let him be the boss this Christmas. Giving your guy a BDSM kit can be used to let him know where you want to go and the new, fun things you want to explore in the new year.