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The Best Selling Toys of All Time

As soon as this topic came up, I even started wondering: what are the best selling toys of all times I started thinking about all of the people I have helped in the past at the stores and online, and I thought I could make a pretty good list.

As I began researching, I found that NO ONE has done this list. Stores have their own top sellers, but that is all I could find. I realized then that this could potentially be a life-altering blog for me...okay, maybe not life-altering, but since I love a good research project, I will have a lot of fun with this one.

The research begins: some classics showed up as well as some of the newest ones out there, which was really awesome to see as the technology since the early 1900's has changed the entire world, including sex toys. I went to adult stores and companies all over the world (via the internet of course), looking at their top selling lists, including ours. Just as I thought, millions, even billions of people world wide cannot be wrong.

#5: Rock-Chick by Rocks-Off, United Kingdom, 2005

I remember when I started at Aren't We Naughty in 2006, it was all about the Rock-Chick. It was the first dual clitoral and G-spot toy on the market with an amazing Platinum cured silicone, so safe it is used for body implants. It is 100% hypoallergenic and Phthalate Free. Just like most innovative and high end products, it was expensive, but for a reason.

Rock-Chick is a simple product to use. You insert the curved side into the vagina, let the other half lay against the clitoris and then you rock back and forth in a semi-sitting position for hands free stimulation. Of course you can use your hands to manually rock it at well. This phenomenal product sold across the UK, then Europe and North America. Several others have made their own version (the Mini Rocker and G-Rock Vibe), but the first will always get the credit for an amazing idea. (picture from Rock-Chick website)

#4: Fleshlight, United States 1995

From blow up dolls, pocket pussies to pumps and Real Doll, the male toy line has grown to fit every need, but what about discretion: enter Fleshlight. Built to look like a flashlight, it features two different colors, flesh for realistic play and clear for a more voyeuristic experience. There are 8 different sleeves from a basic smooth and realistic vagina to crazy speed bumps. They now have an entire line of porn stars sleeve.

From my research it was a husband/wife team that came up with the idea and eventually involved the family. The product feels real, has a great slogan and really fits a niche in the male sex toy realm. As with every good product, there are the people who make their copies (hey the sincerest form of flattery is repetition,right?), which of course we carry (the Hand Humper Vagina, Hand Humper Anus and Travel Honey Pot). (picture from Fleshlight website)

#3 We-Vibe I/II by Standard Innovation, Canada, 2008

Mix two ex-Nortel Employees (married by the way) with time on their hands, sex on the brain and presto: We-Vibe was born. It has won multiple awards for being the best and innovative product, has been in swag bags from the 2009 and 2010 Oscars to this years Super Bowls NFL players, wives and VIP's.

After I did all this research, I realized that the We-Vibe, for all of its greatness and innovation, is kind of a newer, upgraded edition of the Rock-Chick, but that could be just me...what do you think? It stimulates both the G-spot and clitoris, has the C or U shape, but there is one extremely important difference: the We-Vibe can be worn during intercourse.

The original We-Vibe had two vibration speeds as they found that those two were the most loved by their test subjects. It sold crazy all over the world, we even had a hard time keeping it on our shelves. Just when the toy world thought they were safe and the We-Vibe would slow down, they came out with the We-Vibe II, with an additional 7 vibration functions! It added some pulsations and escalations that people love.

Does it deserve all of this hype? We think so! Over the Christmas/Valentines season of 09/10, it was our #1 seller.

#2 iVibe by Doc Johnson, United States, 1998

Sex and the City, nuff said.

Really though, although it was made famous because of Sex and the City, it has stayed famous because of what it does.

Before I get too far, I can say that the Rabbit had been on the market before the iVibe, but nothing could prepare even experienced users for this. It has been hailed as the most versatile female sex toy on the market. Samantha wowed audiences when she admitted her dirty little secret was she owned one. Even Eddy from Freddy and Eddy couldn't believe what it could do. From that day on, everyone was asking for the Rabbit.

As far as the rabbit, it definitely hit the industry right on the nose (or clit) with power and speeds. We do not carry the original anymore as it seems the Canadian women love the easier-to-use version and it's mini version.

#1 Hitachi Magic Wand by Hitachi, Japan, 1970's

Hitachi company started 1910 as a repair shop and grew steadily into a world leading technological leader. But here in the adult world, we know them for the Hitachi Magic Wand. This wonder hit the sex stores in the 1970's and hasn't slowed down in sales at all. Women buy them as gifts due to its branding as a massager, but as all the ladies out there will agree, that title doesn't fool us! The power that the Hitachi Magic Wand has brings orgasms in literally minutes.

I have a little story about this, and my parents will kill me if they ever come across this blog, but the first time I saw anything like this was in their closet. Honestly, I thought it was a massager because it wasn't hidden or anything, but it wasn't until years later when I worked for Aren't We Naughty that I put two and two together: it is 4 and my parents had sex, probably using that toy.

I have had the privilege to watching a group of 3 couples come into the store, look around, ask questions, and all three leaving with a Hitachi Magic Wand courtesy of one of the couples.

In addition to being crazy powerful (it helps it plugs into a regular electrical socket), it has won LOTS of awards, it's recommended by sex therapists for women who have difficulty achieving orgasm, it has been voted “Best Non-insertable Vibrator” by many major mainstream magazines and it now has its own sleeves for insertable fun.
The Hitachi Magic wand can be used alone, with a partner, can be placed between two people for simultaneous stimulation, it really can be used a body massager and should be a staple in every woman (and man's) toy box.

There you have it folks, the top 5 best selling sex toys of all time. I know that as technology advances and as sex toys become just a regular conversation piece that this list will eventually change. We are seeing a trend to very non-phallic looking products, safe and green materials and just a healthy outlook on sex and sexuality.

Cherry on!


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Please note that the Rock-Chick information is found here:

We-Vibe appeared to be not that much innovative, looks like an improved version of rock-chick to me.

I can understand why is Rock-Chick one of the best selling sexy toy of all times. I agree that it was an amazing idea, from someone who really knows women's anatomy.

I have used Rock-Chick and believe me it is the best product out there, you should try it once, i am sure you won't be disappointed.

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