Thursday, April 22, 2010

All About Penis Rings

What They Are: Penis Rings (aka: cockrings) are a device that is placed around the penis or the penis and scrotum to restrict blood flow back to the body which engorges the penis making it extremely hard. Because a penis ring can also make the urethra a bit smaller during the process, the climax for the man is absolutely amazing. They can also slow the blood flow making erections last a bit longer.

Most penis rings are a complete circle like in the above picture, but some are a loop with bead or other device to tighten it. The best to start with are the complete circle and as you progress you can try the others.

How to Use Them: Penis rings are actually quite easy to use. There are two ways to wear a penis ring: the first way is to place it at the base of your pubic area before an erection. Place each testicle through and then your penis. Make sure the ring is The second way is to place the penis ring at the base of the penis, not using it on the testicles at all, before erection as well. Penis rings can only be worn for 30 minutes as the blood does need to flow.

How to Choose the Right One: Beginners should always use a stretchy penis ring made with silicone, jelly or rubber. There are several to choose from that have different sizes in the pack so you get the right fit, The best set is the Cock & Ball Rings (shown in picture). Try with the larger one first and work to the smaller one, explained in detail next.

How to Tell it Fits: Each person has a different comfort level on how tight they want it, but if there is any pain or discomfort once you have put it on or after your erection, take it off! That is why you should always try with the stretchy rings first so you can easily take it off. If there is no more stretch, give your partner the scissors and have them cut the ring off (carefully of course).

There is a lot of fun to be had with a penis ring for both you and your partner. We have a large variety that include vibration, so not only are you getting the benefit of an amazing erection, you and your partner will get additional stimulation. The picture shows our Double Dolphin, which has two bullets to vibrate against her clitoris and your scrotum.

Once you know you like wearing a penis ring you go to custom made rings made of wood, metal, leather, plastic or a plethora of other materials. These are typically worn at the base of the pubic area (scrotum and penis).

What I have written about penis rings is really just the beginning of genital gear, beyond basic rings is in the fetish realm...which will be a whole series some time down the road.

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