Friday, April 9, 2010

The Best Sex Toys for Beginners - Part 2, Men

With Part 1 all about the women, I knew my introduction should be a little different for the guys, I mean, you aren't going to talk to your friends about this. You know you have needs, but it can be just as difficult to make that leap and finally buy a product to try out.

This is going to be a bit fun for me. I'm not a man, but the men's toys are very intriguing to me. I have seen a lot, from a basic sleeve all the way up to a life sized realistic dolls. For you, there is so much to choose from, but for the beginner, I will give the basics.

A quick note...make sure and buy a good water-based lubricant (NEVER use oil based lubricant on a toy), toy cleaner and corn starch. This will keep the realistic materials (UR3 and Cyberskin) fresh and long lasting.

The basic men's toy is the masturbating sleeve. I have two that come to mind, the first is the Ultra Soft Senso Pro. It is a soft jelly material and the realistic ribs of a real vagina, it doesn't look like anything in case someone who isn't supposed to see it does, and its really easy to clean. The second is the Colt Hand Job Stroker (shown in picture). Made with safe and soft silicone, this sleeve is filled with nubs to help stimulate the penis.

If more realistic is what you need, try the line of Palm Pals. They have a vagina front, an anal front and a glow-in-the-dark anal front (shown in picture). These handy sleeves have the realistic look and feel with the UR3 material (would need the above mentioned corn starch applied after its dry and then stored in a plastic bag). The end is open to have fun popping out the other side and feature the ridges for extra stimulation.

I know the majority of people have heard of the Fleshlight, but most don't want to pay the price if they don't know how well they are going to like it. We have a couple of other choices that have the same features as the Fleshlight, but a little different in how its made (and what it costs). The Travel Honey Pot is recommended for those who may be less endowed or like it really tight. It has the realistic LoveClone material. The bottom does not come off which makes for a suction that can be quite enjoyable. The sleeve does come out for easy cleaning and the foam wrap around the sleeve can be taken out for more room.

Next is my personal favorite (well, from a girls point) as it has vibration and a free packet of lube: the Hand Humper. It has both vagina and anal fronts to choose from, a bottom that opens up to allow the intensity of the suction to be adjusted, nubs along the sleeve for stimulation and has a vibration option. Now, something that I have read from reviews is some men prefer to have a closed ending for a more realistic adventure. The Hand Humper has a foam extension that helps the vibration travel farther, and also so you have a stopping point. For those with a longer penis, you may not like the extension, but you are able to remove it (open and take off the bottom).

All of the toys I have mentioned for you fellas are really a step up from doing it yourself, and with all the ridges and nubs inside these toys, you will have a lot of fun exploring what you like. I find these perfect for beginners as they get you using a toy and are not too expensive. When you feel like you need something more, look around and see what catches your eye. There are plenty of porn star molds to choose from as well. I will be doing a blog for advanced users in the near future.

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i would recommend the flashlight masturbators for the beginners as they are the most basic and can be used in the traditional way of masturbating...but of course give more realistic feeling..

Thanks for your comment Ethan.

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