Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Best Toys for Beginners - Part 1, Women

Ahh, you are finally ready to buy your first toy. You have pondered, talked to your best friends, got embarrassed and finally realized, you are a human being with sexual needs, why not!? Congratulations, you are now on your way to learning what you like. This not only makes life great for you, but when you have a partner, you can tell them what you need and want.

The first toy that comes to mind for most beginners is the smooth, white plastic vibrator you can find in those mail order magazines. Honestly, that is probably one of the best toys to start with. Most, although in a phallic-like shape, don't all have the realistic look. They are great for vaginal and clitoral play, so you can find out whether you like penetration, what level of vibration you like (or don't like) and if you might like both vaginal and clitoral stimulation (then we can move to a whole other level).

A quick note...make sure and buy a good water-based lubricant and toy cleaner. It doesn't matter how old you are, a lot of women experience dryness even when aroused, and when using a toy, it is always better when they're wetter. And to keep from any kind of bacterial issues, use a toy cleaner before and after use.

The majority of smooth vibrators are made with a hard plastic, which ensures that the vibrations are strong and felt throughout. There are some now that have a coating to add a touch of softness. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and textures to keep even the most advanced toy user happy.
The first vibrator that I always led customers to was the Mini Pearlessence (shown in picture). This small vibe is only 5 inches long and 1 inch wide, has 7 bright colors to choose from, only takes 1 AA battery and has a really good medium vibration. Another one with an ultra soft feel is the Neon Luv Vibe, it comes in blue and pink pastel and has a medium vibration to it as well.

If you want something with a larger range of vibration, there is the Platinum PowerBullet. This is in the family of the PowerBullets, but this is 5 inches long for greater uses. With a simple press and hold of the button, you can go through all of the vibrations. When you find the one you want, let go of the button. This versatile product is the strongest.

For those interested in the real look and feel, we have some nice petite and medium sized products. First is the Soothing Fit. This 5 inch product has the real look of a penis, with tapered head and ridged shaft. It has a suction cup that allows you to put it on a smooth surface and not use your hands, which is needed for the remote control vibrations. The medium version of this is the The Immortal (shown in picture).

Okay, so realistic and hard plastic are not what you want...we have a large variety of soft vibrators that might tickle your fancy. One of the best selling of the basic vibrators the Pink Popsicle. Don't be intimidated by the 8.5 inch long shaft, it is a really soft jelly material with soft vibrations. It has kind of a realistic look, but the pink color overpowers that. The Vibe Therapy Ectasy (shown in picture) is a high end vibrator as it is made with the ultra safe silicone. It is smooth, powerful and features more than vibration, it has pulses and escalations (a nice treat).

If you can tell, I have kept to the simple side of vibrators for the beginners out there, the exploration of getting to know what your body responds to can be the most fun. Most women like to have soft music playing, maybe some scented candles and time...just take your time. Keep an eye out for the Best Toys for Advanced Users!

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