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The History of Sex Dolls

As long as there have been men lonely at sea, on the farm, on the march...really, just men being men, they have been masturbating. Then one day, one man decided to change masturbation to a more realistic adventure. Some of you may be laughing already, but the great Ovid from Greek history wrote a story of just that. A man by the name of Pygmalion didn't want to have sex with the prostitutes and hadn't found the woman of his dreams, so he carved her out of ivory. After falling in love with her, he prayed to Aphrodite who brought the statue, Galatea, to life and they lived happily ever after.

The idea of a sex doll is pretty old and I was happy to find a lot on the subject and a lot of people plagiarizing the hell out of each other. I will do my best to give the history, and I will always name my sources.

Of all the articles and blogs I have read, they all concur that the first genuine account of sex doll usage was on French and Spanish sailing ships. They would sew up a cloth to resemble the female form and use it on their long travels (not too different from the sock in “American Pie”).

The Germans and Japanese caught onto the idea. This would help their military take care of their needs and would help cut down on the STD's. Rumor has it that Hitler had top secret experiments on making the perfect sex doll for his troops to keep from inter-racial mixing while on the war path, as that would have been detrimental to the creation of the perfect race. They were to have soft skin, blond hair and blue eyes and the wanton face of lust. Unfortunately all that remains of these dolls are a few pictures as the lab was blown up during WWII. The Hiler picture is him as a wax doll, thought it was appropriate in this case.

The British must not have understood the importance of sex dolls because in 1876 they deemed it an “obscene or indecent” product, banning it from being imported thus no selling. Finally, someone put a stop to it. David Sullivan's Conegate Ltd. had their dolls seized whilst on the way to England and off to court they went. In 1987 the law was taken out.

Now that the educational portion of this blog is over, I can get into the fun stuff of how sex dolls have changed throughout history. Above I have listed a marble statue, sock dolls and Hitlers doll (side note: there is a website devoted to making your own doll), but that is only the beginning of what sex dolls have been made of and resemble.

I didn't find much on dolls from the early 1900's, but from what I did, they were the basic blowup dolls that you see today: cheap plastic, three insertable areas (mouth, anus and vagina) and prone to blow outs, although they are supposedly only a novelty item. The cartoonish or drawn-like faces were the normal until the past few years. Now they are putting on a picture of a real face, which helps with the fantasy. There are porn star's galore to choose from.

An upgrade is a blowup doll with a formed face with hair, the mouth in the traditional “O” opening. The high-end of the blowup dolls have the formed faces, hair, formed hands with poseable arms, formed feet and semi-formed breasts with a double ended sleeve (vagina and anus) that you can use alone or insert into the doll. In one particular doll, Kandi Boxx, the vaginal and anal opening are not removable, but what's cool about her is there are sensors in the vagina that cause her to moan. The sound box in in the back of her head, just add some batteries and you can have a realistic experience.

Some of those high-end blow up dolls cost as much as say a cyberskin torso mold, but you have the whole body as opposed to a part (see the homemade sex toys link again). But, we're here for sex dolls and that is what I will continue with.

The technology with the plastic and silicone polymers has grown so much that full sized replica's are now possible, as long as you have the money, the possibilities are endless. Let me start with a basic real-life sex doll. The Chelsea Shane Doll is almost a full body, she's missing her legs from the knee down, but even so weighs almost 75 pounds as every part of her is made with the LoveClone II material. Although she isn't poseable (meant for missionary position), everything feels pretty real. With a $1,000 price tag, this is on the low scale of what you can pay.

In 1996 a company came around saying they had the most realistic sex doll imaginable: Real Doll. With a beginning price tag of $5,499 USD, you can start custom building your own. From the face, facial expression, hair colour and length, body size and colour, breast size, body colour...the list goes on and on. They have realistic feeling skin, have a kind of skeleton for full posing and really capture the true look and feel of a woman or man. Real Doll has also starting make just torso's, have added a line of Anime dolls and Wicked porn stars.

The History of Sex Dolls is as old as we are. With prices ranging from $9.95 for a sheep (yes, they make blowup sheep and donkeys...I did mention farmers at the beginning) to tens of thousands of dollars, you can have as real of an experience as you, or your wallet, can.

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