Monday, April 26, 2010

Product in Review: Liberator

"Be a Love Artist, Never Stop Exploring"

One of the more exciting aspects of sex are trying out new positions...but sometimes your regular bed and pillows have the support you need to keep the position properly. Just like everything else, theres a product to help with that.

Liberator Shapes are a product line that has revolutionized sexual positions. No longer be dependent on a pillow. Liberator shapes have put the fun back in exploration and support.
The beginning shapes are the Wedge & the Ramp. Both are available in both Blue & Black Label.

Some of the amazing features of the Libertor products are:
*A 100 page position guide to get you and your partner started
*High Fiber fabric covers that are softer than velvet, allowing 2 pieces to cling together so they don’t topple over
*The covers are machine washable

There are two major shapes that are available pretty much everwhere. The Wedge is just the beginning to deeper penetration and G-Spot navigation. Propping the body up 27 degrees with no sagging is a new delight to be experienced.

The Ramp, a centerpiece of Liberator shapes, is wild enough on its own, placing the body at angels that allow for better exotic play, and supports the back while adding to sexual pleasure. The Ramp is engineered to support two bodies in motion. Adding the Wedge is adding even more support for the neck and back for more stability and fun!

The Ramp Black Label comes with quick clip ankle cuffs & mask; paired with the Wedge Black Label equipped with the matching wrist cuffs to add excitement, and comfort to your sexual experience.

Adding oils, lubricants and lotions is not problem with these covers. Just take them off and throw in the washer, and it will be ready for the next play session.

Not only as a sexual aid but its great can be used daily for women that are going through pregnancy or people with problematic hips, legs, and back.
As you can see, the Liberator has truly liberated the explorers to continue on in comfort and support!

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