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Public Service Announcement: Hygiene and Sex, Part 1: Women

Please note: I'm going to use some graphic description on some issues that have to be addressed about proper hygiene and sex. Some of it is quite disturbing, but true. If you have weak stomach, don't read this. Again, I am not a doctor, just a concerned person about what people are doing to their bodies.

I have heard some disturbing things recently about things that have been left inside a vagina: a grape, condoms and potato salad.

This grape wasn't removed and thus started to ferment and cause a bacterial infection and that is when the lady decided to see the doctor. All she noticed was the smell.

Next is the condom. There have been several found in routine pelvic exams. Most of the women hadn't had sex for some time and didn't even know it was there. Although this only caused some minor irritation to the vaginal wall, it should have been noticed (especially by her partner).

And lastly, the potato salad. This was used as a lubricant because the couple, new to sex, didn't know you couldn't do that. Due to the inability for the salad to expel, it caused a growth of maggots that finally got the woman to go to her doctor.

What is going on in the world? I was taught very simple rules of hygiene when I was quite young (and reviewed when I started to menstruate), which I found on My Kama Sutra: “The rules of female hygiene are quite simple. Here are they:
* Wash your genitals with warm water from pubis in the direction of anus in order not to infect vagina with microbes from anus. Do not direct the water stream towards the vagina. Direct and strong water stream not only washes out the protective lubricant, but also contributes to harmful bacteria getting into vagina thus increasing risk of inflammations.
* Dry your genitals with a clean soft towel. The towel must be used only by its owner.
* You do not need any sponges for intimate hygiene. You are likely to scratch very tender genitals skin with a sponge.
* Only skin around the entrance to the vagina can be washed with soap.
* Do not take a bath or swim in a swimming pool while menstruation. Change tampons at least 4-5 times a day. Remember that a tampon can be in the vagina not more than for 4 hours.
* You had better avoid sex contacts during menstruation . Sex life during this period increases the risk of inflammatory processes in the uterus, especially if partners neglect the rules of hygiene.
* Do not wear synthetic trunks or at least wear them very seldom. Such an underwear prevents the skin from breathing and creates a favorable environment for harmful bacteria. Cotton underwear will help you avoid such troubles.”

Very simple, right? After hearing what I heard at the beginning of this blog, I knew that some people may not know the simple rules, now that's taken care of, we can talk about the more advanced hygiene rules.

Anatomy lesson: The vagina is a canal that contains its own microorganisms that keep it clean. It is dark and moist which means anything that comes into the vagina that is not supposed to be there can cause a disruption (infection). Things that can safely go into the vagina: tampon (change every 3-4 hours as per package instructions), penis (clean of course, I'll get to you guys later), sexual aides (again, clean), lubrication (water-based or silicone) and clean fingers. Wikipedia mentions a lot of these, but here are some specifics:
“*Anything which has been in contact with the anal area (see anal sex) should be thoroughly washed with soap and water or a similar disinfectant before coming in contact with the vulva or vagina.
*Use condoms during heterosexual intercourse, practice safer sex, know your sex partners, ask sex partners to practice basic hygiene of their genitals. Use artificial lubrication during the intercourse if the amount naturally produced is not enough.
*Be careful with objects inserted inside the vagina. Improper insertion of objects into any body opening can cause damage: infection, cutting, piercing, trauma, blood loss, etc.
*Avoid letting any contaminants inside the vagina, included dirt but especially sand.”

Others things that should not go into the vagina (or near it to be honest): food, any oils, creams or lotions that have sugar in them or anything not clean! I know that Aren't We Naughty sells amazing oral creams for both men and women, but they are only to go on the clitoris for the man to have a tasty treat. If you use one on your man, he needs to clean up before intercourse can commence.

Ladies, take care of your body as a whole, the vagina in particular. It is one place that we can go looking at and it needs special attention. If you have any issues that you need addressed, go to your doctor. Don't be shy, they have heard and seen everything and they are there to help. Also, get to know your body. If you put something in there, you should be able to get it out.

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