Friday, April 16, 2010

Public Service Announcement: Hygiene and Sex, Part 2: Men

Please note: I'm going to use some graphic description on some issues that have to be addressed about proper hygiene and sex. Some of it is quite disturbing, but true. If you have weak stomach, don't read this. Again, I am not a doctor, just a concerned person about what people are doing to their bodies.

If you read Part 1 for the Women, you'll find out quickly the reasoning behind me writing this. If you haven't read it, please do. Too many people think you can do whatever you want sexually. Pornography and lack of education seem to be the root causes. I have noticed that most movies now put on a disclaimer that the acts shown are not always safe to do, so at least they know they have added to some of the issues with unsafe sexual hygiene.

Gentleman, you have as much as a role in the safe sexual hygiene of your ladies and you owe it to yourself to be clean. If you have been working all day, thinking about your lover and just can't wait to ravish her when you get home, please know that your sweaty, stinky and bacteria covered body should not go any where near her until you have showered. I have asked some of the men in the office here if they had anything to say on the subject...all said the same: “Keep it clean or you won't get any.”

For the men with foreskin, it is so important for you to keep everything clean. If you don't pull your foreskin back and wash it, the urine will stay there and bacteria will grow, which could cause your lady love a much unwanted infection.

Okay, here's one that I never thought I'd write about, wiping. Gentleman, just like the women you need to wipe your bum correctly. If you wipe in a downward manner, you risk getting poo bacteria on your scrotum which then can transfer onto to other places...gross! You need to wipe up...start and the anus and go up the crack. Wipe a couple of times just to make sure you got it all. Always wash your hands afterwards...clean hands and fingers mean a lot to us.

I know that a lot of you are hairy in the bum area, but there is a solution to that as well: trim up with a shaver made for that. This will make clean up that much easier and the smell will go away as well.

Scrotum health is extremely important, as you may, one day in the future, want to have kids. My Kama Sutra says it all: “Did you know that too high temperature prevents spermatazoons production? Now that you know about this, avoid everything that is likely to increase groin and perinium temperature. Do not take hot baths and again avoid skin-tight clothes. Otherwise, you are going to lose your ability to impregnate.”

Use powder on your scrotum. Find a powder you like and powder up after a shower (make sure they are dry first). The powder will help absorb sweat throughout the day, keeping them cool and smelling good.

Believe me, if you have good hygiene, your lady will notice and be so thankful.

Cherry On!

My Kama Sutra Sexual Health For Men


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