Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting Down With Anal Sex, Part 2

I have been talking to people about this particular blog and it has perked some attention. First off, most people know where I work, but the mention of anything ana still gets looks. Some positive, some negative, all interesting to me. I love watching how people react, I am not one for shock tactics at all, but I do love to help people open up their minds to new ideas.

To recap, in the first blog I discussed the anatomy of the anal area and proper hygiene and safety with anal play. I also gave the golden rule with anal play: Always remember: Vagina to Anus NEVER Anus to Vagina. If you have anal play, clean up then you can go back to vaginal play.

Section 3: Talking to Your Partner
Maybe you're the person wanting to try anal sex on yourself, maybe you're the person wanting to give anal sex to your partner, either way, the communication aspect is going to be very important. I wrote an entire blog on communication, so when you have a chance look it up. I will give the finer points:
Prepare: know what you want to talk about and make time for it. Write down some notes, practice talking to yourself, read my blog *wink*.
Start Talking: Respect each other, be honest and open. Always be positive, leave the past in the past always give a future perspective.

The fact that you are reading this blog means you are researching. So use that in your talk. You know that anal stimulation can be amazing and you know you have to be careful. If the talk goes well and they agree, move forward into the next section. If the talk goes bad and they want nothing to do with anal, respect them. They know how you feel, they know you're desires.

Maybe one day they will read more about it and decide they want to try it, maybe they won't. If you are in a loving relationship, compromise is a huge aspect of being in it, so keep on loving them and know that at least they listened.

Section 4: Foreplay/Outer-play and Lubricants
They want to try it to, great! Now, some fun times. As in all sexual acts, foreplay is essential for anal play. The more stimulated the person becomes, the more relaxed the muscles down there become, the more receptive the anus is to stimulation and therefore penetration...if you choose to go that route. Foreplay doesn't necessarily mean any stimulation of the anal area at all, just good old fashioned fun: making out, touching each other, kissing each others know, foreplay!

When you get to genital stimulation, anything that is not penetration is considered outer-play: rubbing the clitoris, labia, penis, scrotum and anus. The anus is a highly dense area of nerve endings just waiting to be stimulated. Just a gentle blow of air across the area will cause shivers up your spine and goose bumps everywhere.

To start with good anal play, a good lubricant is necessary. The anus only makes a tiny amount of mucus and that is to help expel the bowels. So even with just outer play, you have to have something to help keep things moving along. Water-based lubricants are always a good start, but the thicker they are the better. There is a new one called Wet Gellee, this stuff is thick! You put it on, anywhere, it won't move unless you move it. It stays slicker a lot longer than traditional water-based and it comes in a nice strawberry flavour as well for our analinguists out there. There are also a plethora of water-based lubricants made just for the bum, like Anal Eaze, Anal Lube and Fruity Booty Anal Lube.

A good second choice is silicone. This silky smooth treat lasts much longer than water-based, doesn't get sticky or tacky, has no odor and a little goes a long way. It isn't the greatest for oral as it doesn't digest very well, so just don't use it for that.

With lubricants, try a couple and get a feel for what you like. Some people may be sensitive to the water-based varieties available but the silicone will be just right. Just rememember, have fun, communicate and just be open...minded that is!

That is it for this section, stayed tuned for more!

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