Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Female Viagra...A cure or another problem?

In all honesty, my dad brought this conversation up on the phone this past weekend.

"Have you heard about this female version of Viagra?" (see CNN article) I instantly got angry. Not at my dad of course, at the idea that we need a pill to feel like having sex. Please let me point out I said "feel" like having sex, not help us have sex, like the male Viagra does. ED (erectile dysfunction) is a horrible problem men go through that makes it difficult or sometimes completely impossible for men to achieve an erection, and they really want to. Viagra helps the blood flow properly so they may hopefully get that chance to have sex with their partner. For women, its a whole other story.

Before I continue, I may offend some people, but I'm not trying to. Let me point out I am not a feminist, but I am very liberal. I also love men very much, have a very loving husband and think we are all equal...for the most part *giggle*.

To be a man in any era of history would be amazing. From what I have seen with my brother, dad, husband and the men I have worked with, you are very focused, single-tasked individuals. When you are hungry, you go eat. When you are working, you put everything into your task. At war, you fight, at love, you love, at fighting with your spouse, you are quiet and when you are interrupted in any of these things you are not very happy with that person.

Being a woman is not like that at all. We are multi-taskers. We think about everything in our life at every moment, even when we are just breathing: breathe in (laundry, dinner, bills), breathe out (gym, doctors appointment, clean floors), breathe in (lunch date, presentation, husbands dentist appointment), breathe out (dinner at 6, meet with the girls at 8, movies at 10). You get the picture.

There is something called Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (funny, they used to call it frigidity). "The condition should be distinguished from other sexual dysfunctions, such as the orgasmic disorder (anorgasmia), and from general loss of interest in sexual activity. Although female sexual dysfunction is currently a contested diagnostic, pharmaceutical companies are beginning to promote products to treat FSD, often involving low doses of testosterone." (Wikipedia)

It also has been attributed to the following reasons: childhood sexual abuse, poor self esteem, bad relationships and a large gapped estimation of 30%-80% of female sexual dysfunction they say can be given over to physical problems, mostly in circulatory or neurological function...but that was in 1988.

Recent research, and open minds, are realizing that the issue lies more with psychological issues instead...Health Discovery has a good list along with the relationship with their partner for not feeling like having sex: "family concerns, illness or death, financial or job worries, childcare responsibilities, managing a career and children, previous or current physical and emotional abuse, fatigue and depression." Yep, just your standard day in the life of a woman.

Mind you, a lot of medications for stress and depression will kill the mood in us, as well as a myriad of other medications for physical ailments (consult your physicians of course).

So, when the clothes and dishes are done, the kids are fed and in bed, bills are paid, dog is walked and all is at peace in the world, we women might just finally feel like making love.

I promise I will continue with the mini-guide to anal pleasures...I've been on holidays and this female viagra thing took over in my mind :) Until then...

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I found an article very similar to mine from a male perspective, very refreshing!
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