Friday, December 10, 2010

12 Naughty Things to do Over the Holidays

Aren’t We Naughty has a sleigh full of amazing goodies for you to share some unforgettable memories.

Here are some sexy things to do while you count down to another Merry Christmas!

1. Cook dinner naked. Check out “Love on the Menu” (0010) for some awesome recipes and heat up the kitchen with some sensual delights.

2. Dress up! Deliver your precious presents in style with the Miss Mistletoe Outfit Small-Medium (5-2163), Medium-Large (5-2164), Large-X-Large (5-2165)

3. Get to know each other. Remember the game Truth or Dare in grade school? Try our naughty Truth or Dare coupons (0172) and see how well you know your partner!

4. Warm up. Stay in on a snowy day and cozy up to some warming lubricants in these festive flavours from Kama Sutra. Available in Warming Cinnamon (7956) and Tingling Peppermint (7955).

5. Play a game. It’s time to gather around a table and have some fun. You’ll wonder why you ever stopped playing board games after trying The Endless Nights of Amazing Sex Game (6984).

6. Suck on something sweet. This holiday season; indulge in some sugar-filled desserts. But don’t forget to burn off those calories! Try these colourful Candy nipple tassels (62029).

7. Take a shot. Cool off from the holiday shopping stress with Ice shot glasses 12-pack (68412) 4-pack (68404).

8. Have a quickie. It’s finally time to unwind. Use the Wild Quickie coupons (0171) to indulge in a quick fix anywhere, anytime.

9. Cause a buzz down there. Why are you blushing? See how long you can hold on to this naughty secret with Red Hot Nights vibrating panties (56608) thong (56607).

10. Enjoy a massage. Come on, you deserve it! Unwind to the strong and stimulating vibrations of California Exotic’s Couture Collection Inspire massager (302515).

11. Get frisky. Even Santa has little helpers to deliver all his presents. PowerBullet Frisky Finger in Red (997-12) is a great way to sizzle things up between the sheets.

12. Set the mood. Check out Bwarm massage candles in amber (7470-01), fig wood (7470-02) and rose patchouli (7470-03).

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friendly neighbourhood adult store, Aren’t We Naughty!


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