Friday, August 5, 2011

What does it mean when a man says no to sex?

This was one of the top voted for questions to answer. So, what does it mean when a man says no to sex?

If I'm not mistaken, that question is asking why men in particular men, not women say no. Well, just because someone also carries the Y chromosome in their jeans doesn't mean that they want someone else up in their jeans all the time. (Sorry for that pun, it won't happen again)

Let's simplify this question. What does it mean when anyone says no to sex? Quite simple actually. It means no. There could be any number of reasons why this might happen, though, so don't worry just yet.

Porn and sex culture has conditioned our society to believe that anyone and everyone is ready for action at any given time at the drop of a hat. This simply isn't true. Although porn is great and can be very exciting for many people, it is a fantasy and it usually remains that for many.

Sex is something that should come naturally for both people and can't be rushed or forced (unless you're into that). There are a few different reasons that may cause someone to say no. As I always suggest, communication is the best way to find out why, but here are a few possible suggestions.

● They just aren't in the mood. Once in a while people feel in a more romantic mood as opposed to raw sexuality.

● They may not be feeling well. Some people really do get headaches!

● They may be in a bad mood... this one could be fun to solve though. A little playful flirting can sometimes remedy this situation so have fun with it!

● And the last one that nobody wants to think about... it MIGHT be a sign of cheating. Let me make this clear though. This isn't as common of a reason as many people think. A large majority jump to conclusions before finding out. Just by assuming things can sometimes be enough to plant the seed that tears people apart, so be careful with this one.

The simple answer to this question is this. If you're unsure of why someone would say no to sex, just ask. You'd be surprised how often you get an answer and I promise, it's not always a bad one!


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