Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Secret Erogenous Zones, or "Hot Spots" on Your Body

By Symone Nelson

The eye area is filled with nerve endings. The inner and outer lids in particular, are covered in sensory. This is why when something as light as an eyelash gets into your eyelid, it can cause a huge amount of pain. With all the nerve endings in this area, stimulating them correctly can bring pleasure to your partner.

With your partner keeping their eyes closed, it can be very pleasurable to lightly kiss and flutter your lips against their eye lids.

Air kisses from the art of the Kama Sutra are also great for this area. This involves lightly kissing the air above the intended area just before your lips are meeting their skin. They will feel the warm air you create from pursing your lips and the light sensation of them just barely grazing the skin.

Eyes are usually stimulated through visual interaction. This is a new and sexy way to stimulate an unseemly body part in a different way.

The Arms: Inner Wrist, Forearm, Inner Arm 
This area rarely gets the gentle touches that we sometimes crave. We use this area in everyday life to do everything from bracing our falls to balancing the weight of heavy loads we are carrying. 

The nerve endings that run along your wrist, forearm and inner arm are extremely sensitive and stimulating this area will give you a mix between pleasure and relaxation.

Reflexologists believe the upper inner and outer arm have an anatomical relationship to the inner and outer thighs.

Finger sleeves are a great way to add new textures into play when massaging this area. You can switch up the sleeves for a gentle rubdown to a more rough and friction filled one.

Ears, especially the lobe which can be played with and manipulated in the mouth can be very arousing when stimulated.

Use all the parts of your mouth such as your lips for kissing and sucking, the tongue for breathe and temperature play and your words to whispers sweet (or dirty) nothings into your partner’s ear.

In women, the armpits have nerve endings that connect to the breasts and are a great way to work up into breast stimulation. For men they connect to the pectorals and can be used and stimulated the same way.

This area is EXTREMELY sensitive for some. If you find you are too ticklish to be stimulated here, try working your magic on the outer armpit staying away from the centre. For most people, this is the most sensitive part. You can also try using more firm strokes and touches as opposed to gentle caresses which may also provoke the feeling of being tickled. 

For a gentile stimulation, feather ticklers provide a light sensation that many enjoy.

Inner Thighs
The inner thighs are so close yet so far! When aroused the nerve endings in this area are on fire!

Instead of going directly in for the kill taking the time to slowly tease and titillate this area will get your partner begging you to stop (but not really wanting you to).

Kissing, licking, and even biting this area will turn your partner on. You can use ice in the mouth for a freezing sensation or take a sip of a hot beverage for a warming one. If your partner is able to handle it you can use the ice or hot candle wax directly on the inner thigh skin.

The “Shock Therapy Sex Kit” is a perfect way to stimulate all the erogenous zones previously talked about (minus the eyes). Sending controlled electrical shocks to wherever you please on your partner is a completely new way to charge up your sex life. 

These are just a few of many areas for you discover on your partner's body. Use these tips (with caution), and with a bit of luck and persistence, you will probably find many more not discussed here! Happy travels!

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