Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review: Thrill by We-Vibe

By Symone Nelson

The Thrill by We-Vibe is We-Vibe’s newest member to the line. It was designed with female pleasure in mind but is also still a great addition to couple’s play.

The shape and function of this edition is much more efficient than of its previous models.
The top of the toy rests on the clitoris engulfing it in vibrating ecstasy while the bottom, when inserted, is meant to stimulate the g-spot and gives vaginal stimulation. The internal part of the toy measures 1 inch across and has 4 insertable inches. The convenient handle at the top lets you maintain better control over the Thrill so you can position it to perfectly hit, rub and tease all your hot spots.
The handle also helps you with adding any kind of extra pressure, speed or motion to satisfy your needs. Personally I found a rocking motion worked great for extra clitoral stimulation and an in-and-out motion was awesome for creating friction against the vaginal walls. With 8 speed functions that vary from pulsing to my favourite, “Cha-cha” you will never get bored. There is an easy-access control button on top of the vibrator that allows you to turn the toy on and off and change the vibration setting. The material also works well. It holds onto water based lubricant and is really easy to clean with just soap and water or toy cleaner. What I enjoyed a lot about this product was the super pliable silicone it is made from. It gives the toy amazing flexibility to be bent and manipulated in ways that suit you the best. I was extremely pleased with the fact that though this toy packs more than a punch with its motor power it is super quiet. I cannot count the amount of times I've had to try and bury a toy under blankets or turn the television up loud to drown out the sound of buzzing. On its own it’s a great masturbation tool but it can also be used to stimulate your partner as well. The Thrill works just as great as its siblings in that it can be used during intercourse. Because of its flexibility it can also be used for anal stimulation and used as part of oral sex.
Overall I give the Thrill by We-Vibe two thumbs up for its ease of use and its familiar design and its amazing ability to get the job done.
The Thrill by We-Vibe is available both in-store and online by clicking here.
Symone (AKA Kitty) is an aspiring sexologist and relationship therapist and is a freelance writer. She is extremely interested in the world of sexuality and finding ways to bring a more positive and open minded view to the world on the topic of sex.


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