Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sex Toys for Couples

By Symone Nelson

Step 1: Slowly Ease Your Partner into the Idea 
For example, if you enjoy bondage and haven’t previously brought this up with your partner, don't come into the bedroom with gags, spiked spanking paddles and leather chokers. This may scare them away from the idea and make them hesitant in the future to try new things with you. (However, we do sell those too!)

If you were successful in your first introduction and your partner saw that taking the first step into the world of sex toys with you was fun, sexy and most importantly, non-threatening, they hopefully won't be so hesitant to try whatever else you have up that naughty sleeve of yours.

Sex furniture is a great bridge into sex toys. It gets your partner out of the bed (although some are great to use in bed like the Liberator line of products) and trying new locations to have fun. Try this Spinning Swing for 'swinging' good time!

Step 2: Communication 
This is very important. At some point before you begin any activity, whether it be sensual toys, oils, vibrating or non-vibrating dongs, or full on BDSM gear, you must ask your partner what they are comfortable with. You always want to make sure not to push your partner out of their comfort zone before they are ready. Aside from the possibility of them becoming less adventurous and trustful with you in the future, they may end up resenting you for being pushed too far.

Also, reassurance is a huge part of successful communication. Reassure him or her that they are a great lover but that sex toys only add a little something extra. To help your partner be more open to the possibility of introducing toys into the bedroom, it is important for them to know that you aren’t trying to introduce sex toys because you think you are in an non-fulfilling sexual relationship. Much like a fine wine to compliment a great meal, sex toys should be used to further enhance your sex life. When you really think about it, that’s all that toys really are; props to highlight the amazing sex the two of you already have together.

Step 3: Keep it Simple
Once you get your partner to agree that sex toys are something that would be fun to try, make sure you start with the more simplistic and non-threatening end of the spectrum.

You don’t want to start too big or too fast and intimidate your partner.

For women, an unrealistic vibe like one from the Leaf Collection or a PowerBullet vibrator may be best to begin with. The Mini Creeper is a great first time vibe. It’s small and compact and is simple enough to not intimidate but still works really great in getting the job done.

For men, a pleasure ring like the Lux Lx4 (or Lx4+ depending how big he is) is great as something both partners can use together. Or for foreplay, there are many strokers or masturbators such as the Mojo Chute or any of the Tenga Eggs that still feel great but aren't not shaped like realistic genitalia.

Step: 4: A Couple That Plays Together… 

While you two play together with the toys you should both be happy in doing so and enjoy them equally. It’s best to either take turns on each other which can also help build intimacy and break down barriers, or find a toy that you can both use together such as the We-Vibe 3.

You never want to let your partner feel left out.

One Last Tip…
You have to realize that after your partner ventures into the world of sex toys with you, it may end up being a place that they wish to visit every once in a while. If you respect their boundaries, they will this and are more likely to remain open-minded to your sexual suggestions in the future. If they decide that they don’t want to explore the realm of sex toys again, that’s their choice, but they may be interested in sexy games, massage oils or harnesses.

Remember, sex toys should be used to add a fun and kinky new dimension to your everyday sex lives. If used correctly, they can add some flair to your current bedroom romps and help to introduce your partner (or both of you) in to a whole new sexy world.

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