Thursday, June 11, 2015

Getting bored in the bedroom? Spice it up with these sexy suggestions!

By: Stephanie

Couples sometimes tend to get bored in their relationship when bedroom play becomes predictable. This, I find, leaves most partners feeling like they're lacking something important in their relationship. Don't worry though, assuming the issue is just bedroom boredom, there are plenty of ways to add a little fire to the mood.

Having said that, add a little excitement to your routinely balanced sex lives with these 5 ideas:


You can magnify your sexual arousal and tension by wearing blindfolds during sex. It is said that when one of your senses is inactive or blocked, your other senses compensate and often increase making for an amazing sexual experience. If you're timid in the sack, a blindfolded partner may help you feel more comfortable exploring your sexual desires. One of the best blindfolds we carry is the Love Blind by Liberator. It has a special padded nose bridge that softly contours the curves of the face to prevent any light from getting in. This is the cream of the crop of blindfolds, and we all absolutely love it.

Massage Candles:

Whether you are a beginner and you are looking to add a few punches to your foreplay, or you are experienced and want to turn the heat up, or you simply enjoy the invigorating oils for your skin, massage candles can help you experience foreplay like never before. Some of our best-selling massage candles come from Kama Sutra. Kama Sutra leads the industry with an award-winning line of amazing smelling massage accessories. Pictured left is the Coconut & Pineapple scent, but is also currently offered in 5 other scents. View the entire Kama Sutra line here.

Sex Toys:

Most couples are afraid to introduce sex toys into the bedroom. This is something that the two of you should explore together and it will definitely bring some diversity to your bedroom play.

One of our best selling toys lately has been the Womanizer. Unique in that it works unlike anything we've ever seen before, this product boasts an amazing track record of producing orgasms. In test studies, 49 out of 50 women achieved orgasm using the Womanizer. The full selection can be seen here, and it is even offered in a Swarovski version for women with a high taste in fashion.

In truth there is almost an endless array of different toys you can use with your partner; dildos, vibrators, full size dolls, strap-ons, restraints, collars, whips, anal beads, butt plugs, and the list goes on!


The urge to impress your partner commonly wears off after time, which is one of the reasons sexual desires and fantasies fade in long-term relationships.

Breathe some fresh air into your sex life by tossing aside those sweats in the bedroom.

If lingerie isn't your thing, try a pair of stilettos or red-hot lipstick, instead. It's almost like a sexual equivalent to a business suit; it gets you into the right mindset.


Pornography can be a great sex toy when it is shared with two people. Watching together can start hot conversations, or just laughter at the ridiculousness of it all.

Indulging together in watching pornography can help you learn more about your partner’s sexual fantasies, and a great lover always aims to please.

When both partners are equally open sexually and emotionally, pornography can be an exciting and wonderful version of, or an addition to, foreplay.


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