Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Let's Have a Real Talk About Sex.

By: Stephanie


Why Aren't We Talking to Our Partners About Sex?

I recently read this article that has left me with a burning question. (If you haven't read the article at the link above, please read that first). Why is it that speaking openly about our sexual likes and dislikes with our partners, whether it is our spouses or a one night stand, is so difficult?

"But do we talk to our partners candidly about sex, the real sex that we ourselves are having?"

Studies have shown, and I would have to agree that, communication is the bedrock to a happy, healthy and lasting relationship. I would consider myself a fairly open person sexually. I find myself at ease speaking about many sexual topics with my girlfriends but many are uncomfortable participating in the discussion.

Over the years I have learned what I respond to and what I don’t respond to in the bedroom. It’s taken me years to figure it out so how could I expect my partner to intuitively know these things. Couples who talk about sex get better at it – and that’s a fact!

Nobody is a mind reader so why are people so apprehensive to share with their partners what they like or don’t like?

Below are a few books that may help. It's best for you both to read this at the same time. It will get you talking and hopefully in the mood at the same time. The most important thing to remember is that sex is supposed to be fun!

8 Erotic Nights

8 Erotic Nights has some great suggestions for spicing up your relationship ranging from building and deepening your love to more intimate physical ways to show your affection. Available here.

Love On The Menu

Love On The Menu shows your fun and sexy ways to share the intimacy of cooking as a couple. Each recipe offers different ways to tease and please while making a delicious meal. Available here.

Sex: How To Do Everything

Everyone is different, so this book entitled Sex: How To Do Everything is a great buy for a general knowledge of almost anything to do with sex. Available here.


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