Friday, October 2, 2015

4 Things You Should Never, Ever Do To Your Vagina (And 7 Things That Should Go In It!)

A great article popped up on outlining 4 things that you really shouldn't do to your vagina. We definitely agree, and it even outlined 7 things that are okay to put in it! Yay!

"You should never try to self-medicate with homemade remedies like garlic or tea tree oil," Dardik said.
At the very least, they won't make a dent in your misery. At the very worst? Well, it's not pretty.
"I've seen chemical burns from some of these Internet suggestions, and a chemical burn inside of your vagina is not something I'd wish on anyone," Dardik said. 
Inserting UFOs (unsanitary foreign objects) seems like a good idea until it doesn't.
You already know what's allowed to go into your vagina: tampons, fingers, sex toys, a penis, lube, birth control, menstrual cups—and that's about it. Give everything else the Monty Python treatment: None shall pass.
Read the full article and check out the whole story here:


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