Monday, April 25, 2016

How to Find Your G-Spot

This week’s Masturbation Monday post is for the ladies (and their partners who may need a little help). All women have a g-spot, yet some of us have no idea where it is and what to do with it. The g-spot is not some mythical being living up inside your vagina; it’s a bundle of super sensitive nerve endings about 2-3 inches up inside the vagina towards the front.

First, you’re going to need some lube to make sure she’s comfortable and slippery. We’re a big fan of Wet Silk Hybrid Lubricant because it has the most luxurious feel, doesn't get sticky, and doesn't just get absorbed by your skin in a hot minute. Wet Silk is also safe for use with latex and silicone toys which is a huge plus.

If you are looking for your partner’s g-spot, start with her lying on her back, insert your fingers so that your palm is facing the ceiling, curl your fingers up (towards her belly button) and feel around the area where your finger tips are. If you’re looking for your own g-spot, insert your fingers and make a “come hither” motion, feel around, you’ll be surprised that it’s not THAT far up there. You’ll know it when you feel it; you’re looking for a firmer and more bumpy/ribbed textured area.

Some say that the secret to female ejaculation is just the right amount of pressure and stimulation on the g-spot. Once you've gotten comfortable with your g-spot, we've got lots of dildos and vibes with a nice curve at the tip to offer incredible g-spot stimulation. Check out the Vanity by Jopen - Vs6 with it’s sexy curves designed to massage your clitoris and g-spot at the same time. It’s large bulbous tip will make you feel full while giving your g-spot the perfect combination of pressure and vibration. For a smoother experience, be sure to use a quality lube like Wet Original Classic Gel.

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