Monday, April 18, 2016

Masturbation Monday: Tentacles! (What?!)

Happy Monday! Hope you had a safe and sexy weekend, time for some Masturbation Monday fun to start the week off with a “bang!”

We’ve got a unique new line of toys we are excited to show you! Designed in Japan by Tokyo Design, the Maro Kawaii line is totally different from most other sex toys you’ve ever seen. In Japanese, Kawaii means cute; these toys definitely are adorable! Don’t let the cuteness trick you into thinking these are vibes are tame, the Maro Kawaii line packs major power.

Our favourite is the Maro Kawaii 4 - Tentacle Vibrator. We know… tentacles… what? That doesn’t sound sexy! But, turn this toy on and you’ll be blown away by the “tentacles” insanely powerful vibrations. If you crave REALLY strong vibrations, this one’s for you. The tentacles meet in the middle forming a circle of little mini ticklers perfect for focusing on your clitoris, penis, or nipples.

Another super original toy from the Maro Kawaii line is the Maro Kawaii 3 – Flicking Tongue Vibrator. This toy looks, feels, and flicks just like a real tongue! Add your fave water based lube and let the flicking and vibrating tongue take you to nirvana.


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