Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Humpday Product of the Week

Each week on Wednesdays, we will feature a new product of the week in the spirit of #HumpDay.

This week, we are not featuring just one product; we are featuring an entire line! Who doesn't love new toys?!

Check out the new line of Clear Stone Realistic Dongs, these dongs are just as much fun to use as they are to look at. These PVC dongs are crystal clear and look just as good on display as they do in use. If you've ever been tempted by the beautiful glass dongs that are out there but are turned off by the cold feeling of glass, these dongs are for you. Each of these beautifully sculpted toys comes complete with a suction cup on the end, perfect for use with your favourite strap on harness or for some hot wall banging (or mirror banging) action!

For extra sizzle, try the Luxy 14” Clear Stone Double Dong, perfect for fun with a partner. This dong is so long and perfectly translucent; it looks like it is made of a giant icicle.


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