Wednesday, May 25, 2016

5 Easy Steps to Learn to "Squirt" For The First Time

Female ejaculation AKA “squirting” has become a buzz word over the past couple years. If you already know how to squirt, CONGRATULATIONS! If you don’t yet, take some time and see if you can figure squirting out. It’s not that hard to do, if it doesn't happen the first time you try, try again another time. Despite the myths, not every woman can squirt, you won’t know if you can or not until you try! Make sure to go to the bathroom before you start and lay down a towel or two on the bed because things are about to get messy.

1. Warm up:
You need to be extremely turned on and warmed up for squirting to happen. Lube is an absolute must. We suggest a tingling lube, we suggest Wet Synergy Basic + Cool Tingle Lubricant because it is safe to use with condoms and toys. Tingling lube will help increase the blood (and other fluids) flowing to your vaginal area and this will make squirting for the first time so much easier.

2. Wake up your G-spot:
Now that you’ve got everything all nice and wet, it’s time to get in position and wake up your g-spot. If you don’t know how to find your g-spot, it’s about 2-3 inches up inside your vagina, on the side where your belly button is. Lay back and make yourself as comfy as possible, once you’ve turned yourself on, move in to the g-spot. Using your fingers, a g-spot vibe, or a curved dildo, massage and put pressure on the hard bumpy area inside your vagina. Be sure to keep focusing the pressure along the upper wall.

3. Don’t stop when it feels like you’re about to pee:
As you rub that bumpy g-spot area, you’ll feel it get more swollen and bumpy, this is exactly what you want to happen. The tissue surrounding your urethra is being filled with ejaculation fluid; it’s going to start to feel like you need to pee. DON’T STOP! You’ll just have to trust us, you’re not going to

4. Let it go:
Try to relax and just focus on the pleasurable sensations, try to let that pee feeling go. Go with it, let the feeling build, that fluid build-up is definitely not pee. Don’t resist, keep the pressure on your g-spot, and take your time. Bring yourself to the edge of orgasm.

5. Time to squirt:
When you’re starting to orgasm, push! Yes, push like you’re giving birth or taking a number two. I know, it sounds gross. Pushing during your orgasm will release all that ejaculation fluid that was building up around your urethra. If you get a gush of fluid, CONGRATUALATIONS, you just squirted!

Keep in mind, the amount of fluid greatly varies from woman to woman. Some may only be able to produce a few drops while others may be able to squirt like a fountain. If you aren’t successful your first attempt, don’t give up. As mentioned before, not all women can squirt, explore your body, try some different things, even if you can’t squirt, at least you’ll be having fun exploring your body and making yourself feel good.

Give these tips a try! We hope you have fun discover things about your body and your sexuality that you never thought possible.


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