Thursday, May 19, 2016

#NationalSendANudeDayTips for Taking Sexy Nude Selfies

Sexting is a fun way to tease your partner when you aren’t together. Sending your lover a nude makes them feel appreciated and can be a huge confidence/ego boost for you when they respond gushing compliments. Sending sexts and nudes builds up the sexual tension between the two of you and when you get home, all that built up anticipation will explode into a HOT love making session.

Nudes are fun but, keep in mind; unsolicited nudes are a good way to embarrass yourself and can seriously offend the person you sent them to. Before sending a nude, ask the person if it’s okay to send them a sexy photo. Even if they are a person who wants to see you naked, they may not want to see you naked RIGHT NOW.

Check out these tips for taking the best nudes!

1. Strip Tease! Don’t start fully naked, a random nude picture message is way less sexy than a short series of strip tease pictures. Start off showing just a hint of skin, perhaps just a nipple or some cleavage.

2. Don’t show your face unless you REALLY trust who you are sending those nudes to.

3. Work those angles: most bodies don’t look very good straight on. Angle yourself by turning to the side; get creative, angled bodies always look slimmer!

4. Lighting: use soft or dim lighting. Think of how people usually look better in candlelight. You don’t want your lighting too bright, too dark is not good either. NEVER USE FLASH! Flash has this awkward habit of highlighting flaws.

5. If you are taking a mirror photo, clean the mirror first. Nothing kills the mood like looking at all the crud on your bathroom mirror.

6. Take a bath. Bubbles, water drops, strategically placed suds. Need I say more?

7. Get in the mood: put on some sexy lingerie or play with your favourite toy. Whatever helps you feel sexy will help you look sexy in your pictures.

The last few are specifically for guys:

8. Taking a picture of your penis with your underwear still on will make it look small no matter how big and hard it is. Take them off and let your junk shine!

9. Grooming: Trimming your “hair down there” will actually make your dick look bigger! Don’t go overboard though, there’s no need to shave or wax every bit of hair off, just trim!

10. Perspective: Dick pics tend to make your penis look small. Work the angles to get the best shot possible. If you’re on the smaller side, try to get closer to the camera and fill up as much of the frame as possible. It’s a good idea to have your hand in the picture for size reference; a penis floating in space doesn’t help anyone figure out how big it is.

Have fun with your nudes! Once you have figured out your angles and lighting, get creative! Try different poses and props. Just be sure to DOUBLE CHECK the name of who you are sending those risqué pics to before you hit send.

Thanks for reading! Check back in tomorrow for our weekly Freaky Friday BDSM blog!


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