Friday, May 13, 2016

What’s a Flogger and How Do I Use It?

Floggers, you know, the whippy thingy with all the tails? Sometimes they are called a “cat of nine tails”; they are one of the most common BDSM tools and come with many of the beginner’s kits. A flogger is a whipping device with a handle and lots of tails, usually it’s used for whipping a sub’s back. They are often made of rubber or leather and the tails come in varying lengths and widths for varying degrees of impact. So, the Dom holds the handle and uses the tails to “flog” their submissive. Seems simple enough, right? Well, this is where a little technique goes a long way for both the Dom and the sub. All that whipping can be a lot of physical activity for the Dom, we don’t want the Dom getting tired out before the sub starts to experience the euphoria of the endorphins rush which is the aim of impact play. Another thing to keep in mind, not properly aiming your flogger could seriously hurt your sub (and not in the kinky fun way).

The fun thing about a flogger is that the first few strikes don’t tend hurt much, the impact is dampened by the number of tails and the increased surface area they strike. Keep aiming for the same spot and your sub will start to feel a satisfying sting. Once you can tell your sub is feeling it in that first spot, move on to another spot and repeat the process.

So, how do you aim these things? Start by standing or kneeling over your sub, make sure you have a firm footing and a comfortable body position that you’ll be able to maintain throughout the flogging. Hold the handle of the flogger in one hand and the tails in the other, pull on the tails so that there is a little tension on them, this will help you control how much impact is exerted and makes aiming easier.

Time to strike: try to strike with as much accuracy as possible. Drop your arm, pulling the tails out of the other hand as you do. Never use full force on the first strike, the first strike should be a test of your accuracy. If you managed to strike your intended spot then strike again with more force this time. How tightly you hold on to the tails will determine the force of impact. Strike repeatedly in the exact same spot while paying attention to how your sub is reacting to each strike.

If you are unhappy with where the first strike landed, do not lean in towards your sub or change the angle of your arm; change the way you are standing or kneeling (move closer or away, rotate your body, etc.) This will help you strike with better accuracy.

Here are a couple of floggers to add to your toy box! The Fetish Fantasy First Time Flogger is perfect, as its name says, for first timers and beginners. It’s a light weight flogger made of synthetic leather, it’s great for beginners because while it does leave a pretty good sting, it’s not likely that you’ll actually be able to injure your partner with it. If you think that you and your sub are ready for something more intense, put the Punishment – Black Leather Whip to work, it’s much heavier and made of real leather, and this one can be whipped hard enough to leave marks (should you desire to do so).

A quick safety note: pay very close attention to your sub’s reactions and always agree on a “safe word” before beginning any type of BDSM play. Some subs may like to appear tougher than they are, or may be enjoying play so much that they stop noticing the harm being done to them. Part of your role as Dom is to be sure that you MONITOR your sub’s condition; you must discuss and RESPECT your sub’s hard limits and STOP when the safe word is said. Never strike your sub near their kidneys (about 4 inches above the top of the buttocks), this area is extremely sensitive, prone to injury, and your sub will experience the unpleasable type of pain.

Thanks for reading! We hope that this blog entry has inspired you to try something kinky and new in the bedroom. Check back in on Monday, we will have some new masturbation tips, techniques, and a new toy to tell you about!


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