Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How To Avoid Feeling Sweaty In Your Shorts This Summer

It’s summertime and temperatures are climbing. Heat means sweat, sweat means stink and body parts stuck to other body parts (guys, you know what we mean.) The key to keeping your nether regions fresh this summer is keeping them dry. Bacteria love sweat…need we say more? When you’re hot, you can just take off a layer, but, what do you do about the layers you can’t take off? Boxers offer no support and sometimes your package falls out the button opening. Regular cotton briefs? Those are okay….not very stylish though. 

Male Power has created the Pocket Pool Short that is made of soft comfy cotton with a special pouch on the inside made of the same material as your athletic wear. Your testicles go in the pocket keeping them dry and comfortable all day long. Who says comfortable, functional underwear can’t be stylish too? These boxer briefs look so hot, you’ll want to wear them on the outside (possible Pride Parade outfit?)

If you’re looking for some new under things that are a less functional and more for show, check out our entire collection of Male Power men’s lingerie.


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