Friday, June 3, 2016

How to Create the Ultimate Sensual Paradise in your Bedroom

Creating the perfect atmosphere really helps to set the mood for a night of love making. There’s more that you can do to improve the sexual energy of your bedroom than just lighting some candles before play time. Changing a few basic design elements can help make your bedroom more relaxing and sensual. Here are a few tips for making your bedroom into a luxurious sensual sanctuary. 

1. Treat your room like a temple of relaxation. Avoid doing work in your bedroom, keep computers and other electronics in another room. It’s safe to say that anything that reminds you of things you should be working on should stay out of the bedroom. Avoid bringing stress triggers into your Zen space. Keep clutter out of your bedroom, yes, we know everyone has stuff; try to keep on top of the clutter and avoid bringing things into the bedroom that don’t belong there in the first place.

2. Keep family pictures and pets in the living room. You love your family but that doesn’t mean that you want pictures of your kids or your parents staring at you while you are trying to get it on. Fido jumping on the bed mid orgasm? No thanks!

3. Keep a toy box or drawer in a place that is easily accessible from your bed. We suggest one of these lockable toy boxes to store all your naughty things in. These boxes keep your toys safely out of the hands of those you don’t want them in. Stock your box with fresh batteries, condoms, lube, and a couple different toys for both you and your partner. 

4. Stimulate your senses with sensual colours and lighting. Paint doesn’t cost as much as totally redecorating your bedroom and it will help you with tip #1 (de-cluttering). Pick a colour that makes you feel sexy, think dark red like merlot, plum purple, or royal blue. These colours awaken feelings of arousal. If you can’t paint, try introducing these colours using bed linens, curtains, and rugs. Use soft, warm lighting. Replace any “day white” bulbs with ones with a more amber coloured glow; people look better in candle light. 

5. Our sense of smell and sound are highly tied to our moods. Light some candles or diffuse essential oil in sandalwood, musk or any other scent that makes you feel sexy. Massage candles are fantastic because they not only fill the space with a delicious scent, they create a warm glow and the wax can be poured on your lover’s body for a sensual massage. Create a special playlist of songs that turn you on, think slow tempos, not too many lyrics, and avoid songs about heartbreak. 

6. Indulge yourself in some beautiful bedlinens, soft silky fresh sheets feel so good against naked bodies. Invest in some luxurious bedlinens that will get you excited to jump in bed. Silk or high thread count cotton feel delightful, you’ll be thinking about going home and slipping between those sheets all day long! Another option is the Liberator Fascinator Throw Blanket, it’s silk on one side, and a microfiber plushy velvety fabric on the other. Just toss it on the bed before playtime to keep your bed clean and dry; it’s lined with PVC on the inside to protect your bed from any fluids that might be left behind from playtime. 

Making a few little changes to your bedroom can take it from an ordinary place where you sleep to a sensual paradise you can’t wait to come home to at the end of the day. Whether you’re single or you have a partner, your libido will greatly increase once you have created the perfect environment to let your sexual desires flourish.


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