Thursday, June 16, 2016

How using a dong can improve your sex life

Some women are not comfortable with girl on top sex positions. Many women find these positions make them feel self-conscious about how they look from their lover’s perspective. If you are one of these ladies shying away from getting in the saddle, spending some alone time masturbating with a dong with a suction cup might help you get over those fears and focus on the pleasure.

To start, you’ll need a dong with a suction cup, a (preferably) smooth surface to stick your dong to, and some lube. An external stimulator for massaging your clitoris is a good thing to have on hand as well. We suggest the Luxy 7” Clear Stone Series Realistic Dong because it’s a great price and has a nice strong suction cup. 

Attach your dildo’s suction cup to either the floor, a chair, or prop it up on the bed. Get on like you are doing the typical woman on top position, no need for any fancy stuff like you’ve seen in porn. If you don’t tend to orgasm from penetration alone, rub your clitoris or use an external vibe like the Mini Swan Wand to help arouse yourself, trust us, penetration will feel magical with the addition of some extra clitoral action. Go to town! Bounce, grind, and rock yourself like a wild cowgirl on that dong, “dance like nobody is watching”. You’ll be able to appreciate all the awesome sensations of being on top without worrying what someone else is seeing.

Once you’ve enjoyed a couple solo sessions with your dong, and you’ve experienced how great woman on top positions are, you may find that all that self-consciousness won’t be such a problem when you are with a lover.

Don’t be shy, nobody is watching! Check back on Friday for our next naughty blog, we hope today’s entry helps you overcome some of the obstacles between you and your sexual desires.


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