Friday, June 24, 2016

Sex Positions to Keep Your Sex Life HOT and Keep You COOL

Happy Friday! Summer is here and temperatures are rising; what better way to beat the heat than trying out some sex positions that will actually cool you down? We know, sex in the summer is hot, sweaty, and sticky. Try out these techniques to keep your sex life alive all summer long!

  1. Take it to the shower. Sweaty sex is hot; swimming in pools of each other’s sweat is not. Jump in the shower with your partner and make love under cool running water. This tip is even better if you have one of those hand held shower heads that has a hose attached so that you can direct the flow of water to your erogenous zones.

  2. No air conditioning? No problem! Set up a fan at the head of the bed so that it’s blowing directly on you and your partner. Have two fans? Even better! Try some cooling lubricant, like Wet Synergy + Cool Tingle Lube, apply it to you and partner’s nipples and experience the chill as the air blows on the lube, heightening the cooling sensation.

  3. When it’s really sweaty, the last thing you want to do is drip sweat onto your partner’s face, that’s an instant mood killer. Try out this position to keep your faces away from any drippy body parts. To start, the woman lies on her side and lifts her top leg. The man straddles her lower leg and enters her, placing her upper leg on his shoulder. If she isn’t flexible enough to put her leg up on his shoulder, she can wrap her upper leg around his hips. This position works on the bed or in the tub.
    1. Don’t forget doggy style, simple, easy, and perfect to avoid full body contact on sticky hot days. Try positioning a fan so that it blows on your butts during sex. The cool breeze on your backs will help you both stay cool and dry.

    2. Bring some ice into the mix! Running ice cubes down your partners back during doggy style will keep your partner cool and heighten all the other sexy sensations. Ice is a fantastic way to explore each other’s bodies during foreplay. Find out how your partner reacts when you put the ice here….and here… We’ve got sexy pecker shaped ice cubes that don’t melt so you don’t have to worry about soaking the bed. 
    Thanks for reading; we hope these cool tips help you keep your sex life hot this summer! Check back in on Monday for our Masturbation Monday feature!


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