Monday, June 13, 2016

Tell Your Lover You Found a New Main Squeeze!

We just got in a new line from the Swan Collection that we are excited to tell you about! The Swan Squeeze line is pretty unique; you literally squeeze the toy to control the vibrations. No more clicking various buttons to ramp up the power, all you have to do is squeeze the toy harder and the vibrations increase, easy as pie.

You press one button to turn the toy on/off the same button is used to switch functions. The functions are simple and useful; you can record your own vibration pattern or lock in to your favourite vibration speed. The Swan Hug (the one with both internal and external stimulators) has an extra button that lets you independently choose which part of the toy vibrates.

Probably the coolest and most unique vibe in the line is The Swan Kiss. Not only does The Kiss offer crazy strong vibrations, with the added flicker of the kiss shaped external stimulator, you’ll feel a delightful “bounce” on your clitoris as it vibrates.

The vibrations aren’t the only special thing about this vibe, what makes it really neat are the various ways to use it. Since it’s got a 100% play area, you can actually insert the larger bulb at the base of the toy and use your kegel muscles to do the squeezing. If you’re not feeling up to a workout, try squeezing the toy with your inner thighs to keep your hands free for other things. ;)

For g-spot lovers, The Swan Curve has the perfect shape and firmness to reach your g-spot and put the right pressure on it. Just like the other toys in the Squeeze line, you can squeeze the toy with your hand or thighs, lock in your favourite vibe speed, or create your own patterns.

Reading about The Squeeze line online really doesn’t do it justice. The sensitivity of the squeeze control makes these toys a pleasure to use. Head into an Aren’t We Naughty store today to get your hands on one of these new Swan vibes with Squeeze Control, we have a feeling that it will be love at first squeeze!

Thanks for reading! Check back in on Wednesday for our Hump Day blog.


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