Friday, July 8, 2016

How to Choose the Right Kind of Lube

These days, there are more types of lube than you can shake a stick at. With all the choices, picking the right one can be easily overwhelming. Not only are there flavoured lubes ranging from sweet treats like donuts to bacon flavoured (seriously), lubes come in a variety of different types for different preferences and uses. So with all these options, how on earth are you supposed to know which one is right for you? Keep reading to find out!

Water based lube: This is easily one of the most popular and common kinds of lube. This is a staple that everyone should have in their toy box. Water based lube is safe. You can use it with every kind of toy and it is safe for use with condoms. This is the only kind of lube you can use with toys made out of silicone. 

Silicone lube: Silicone based lubes are great for when you need a lubricant that won’t absorb too quickly. It’s the best for anal sex because it has staying power, and it is thicker which creates a “cushion” which is great for comfort. It’s also great for manual masturbation for the same reasons. NEVER EVER USE SILICONE LUBE WITH CONDOMS OR ANY SEX TOYS. While your silicone toy feels and looks solid, putting it in contact with silicone lube will actually melt your toy. No, we aren’t kidding. Have a look for yourself at what silicone lube does to toys. Silicone + rubber or plastic = disaster. 
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Flavoured Lube: Flavoured lube is great for oral sex, especially if you are using a condom. Condoms taste TERRIBLE. Flavoured lube masks that awful rubbery taste, and obviously, double as slippery fun. Flavoured lube turns penises into lolly pops and clitorises into juicy treats.

Hybrid lube: Hybrid lube is a mix of water based and silicone lube. It’s mostly water based with just a tiny bit of silicone for extra glide and lasting power. This lube is a bit more tricky, it can be used with condoms since the silicone content is so low, however; you should do a spot test on your toys before play to make sure it’s not going to melt or damage the finish. We love Wet Silk Hybrid Lube because it has a creamy texture and dries to a powdery finish, unlike most other lubes that leave you all sticky after.

This is just a very basic guide of some of the major types of lube. There are also lubes that heat up, cool down, tingle, sensitize and desensitize, but those are all fairly self-explanatory. So there you have it, we hope this guide helps you the next time you’re looking to pick up a new lube! Thanks for reading.


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