Monday, July 11, 2016

#MasturbationMonday: Ben Wa Balls Are A Woman's Best Friend

This week we are featuring the Floravi Kegel Exercisers – Progressive Pelvic Floor Training Balls. But, before we get into the product, let’s talk about what Ben Wa Balls are and what they do.

What are Ben Wa Balls and why does every woman need a pair? Ben Wa Balls have really grown in popularity ever since they were written about in Fifty Shades of Grey, but what are they? Ben Wa Balls, also known as ecstasy pearls, pleasure beads, kegel exercisers, Geisha balls, are simply hard smooth weighted balls that are inserted in the vagina and held in place by gently squeezing the vaginal muscles. Some Ben Wa Balls have a weight inside that jiggles when the balls move, others vibrate. It is said in Ancient Chinese legend that women would insert these balls into their vagina and spend hours rocking back and forth or going about their daily lives. In time, the women would experience powerful orgasms.

The muscle being worked while you are squeezing to keep your Ben Wa Balls in place is called your PC muscle (pucoccygeus muscle), the PC muscle is a hammock-like muscle that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone). This area is often referred to as the pelvic floor. So why do you want to strengthen the PC muscle? Toning the PC muscle will help your vagina feel tighter for your lover, can help get things back to how they were before childbirth, can help with problems with bladder leakage that so many women experience as they age, and increase your overall libido. Many women also claim that after regularly using Ben Wa Balls, they are able to experience more powerful and sometimes multiple orgasms. Now, on to our featured product.

One of our bestselling sets of Ben Wa Balls is the Floravi Kegel Exercisers – Progressive Pelvic Floor Training Balls. Customers love these because they include an interchangeable set of balls in a range of different weights. This is key, just like working your muscles out at the gym, in time you are going to build up a tolerance to the weight of your balls and will need to increase the weight to keep enjoying the gains. Floravi’s Kegel Exercisers are coated in silky smooth silicone which is body safe and since they don’t contain any mechanics, can be boiled for sterilization. Another nice feature is that they come with a sleeve with a retrieval loop, while the balls really can’t get lost up inside you; it’s nice to have the peace of mind and convenience of easy retrieval. With consistent use, both you and your lover will be able to feel the difference your Ben Wa Balls are making.

Give our featured product a try! If you have already, let us know about your own personal experience in the comments. Thanks for reading, check back on Friday for our next Naughty Blog!


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