Friday, July 15, 2016

Pokémon Go Is More Popular Than Porn

PornHub reports that searches on it’s website for the popular augmented reality game (that you are probably tired of hearing about) are up 136 percent. Why anyone would search a porn site for anything Pokémon related makes no sense to us. In the app stores, Pokémon Go has become more popular than Tinder. It seems that we all would rather be walking around searching for imaginary creatures than having sex! As you probably know by now, nothing is safe from the internet; it was only a matter of time until someone uploaded their own Poképorno to PornHub.

If you don’t believe us, check out more surprising statistics here!

There have also been reports of Pokémon Go saving relationships since so many couples are so excited about the game that they are heading out to play together.

Give Pokémon Go a try this weekend with your partner! After a busy day of chasing around imaginary creatures, the two of you can unwind with a relaxing couples massage to complete the bonding experience. We suggest taking turns trying out the Roller-Ball Massage Glove on each other; it’s got heavy metal balls in it that feel amazing gliding along your body. Try putting it in the fridge for a refreshing massage after a hot day outside catching Pokémon.


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