Wednesday, July 27, 2016

USB Powered Toys Are Hard To Beat

Battery operated and rechargeable toys are such a thing of the past, USB powered toys are the future! While it is nice for a toy to be wireless, it is even nicer to have a super powerful vibrator that won’t give up on you mid play. 

So, why are USB powered toys so great? USB powered toys vibrations are insanely strong because the toy is directly connected to power throughout use. Now, you might be thinking “doesn’t the cord get in the way?” Sure, the cord is unavoidable, but the power cords on these toys are super long, strong, and can even be extended if need be. Many USB toys have remote controls on their cords so you can easily switch modes or turn up the power without interrupting play or fumbling around for the buttons. Also, you don’t have to worry about your vibrator losing power or the vibrations losing strength as battery power wears down. There really are so many advantages to a plugged in toy!

The Wet Temper 7.5 Inch Vibrating Dong has the strongest vibrations we’ve ever felt from a dong! Usually vibrating dongs aren’t that powerful, this one really sets the bar high. It’s got a suction cup and it’s harness compatible making this dong incredibly versatile.

Check out some of the new USB powered dongs, cock rings, vibes, and masturbators we just added to They are all well priced for those who are on a budget and considering how incredibly strong the vibrations are, we’re confident these toys will blow your mind!


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