Monday, August 29, 2016

Men's (Lesser Known) Erogenous Zones

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If you’re not aware of what an erogenous zone on the human body is, refer to my last blog post on this topic called Women’s (Lesser Known) Erogenous Zones where I explain what it is as well as give tips and tricks on arousing your lady in some unconventional ways. Now, it’s time to focus on the man. Here are some of your guys’ lesser known love making zones.


The proper name for the two ball sacks that house sperm behind the penis. To stimulate this area you can use your fingers and give a gentle massage or, using your mouth, you can softly suck each testicle - both of these techniques can be used in correlation with a hand job or a blow job. Caution: as we all know the scrotum is a VERY sensitive part of a man. Too much pressure and he may feel pain, too soft and it may tickle – both can raise the chance of ruining the mood. So take some time and care with however you choose to stimulate his scrotum.


Also known as the gooch, the perineum is the area between the anus and the scrotum. Using your lips, tongue and fingers there are many ways to arouse your man through this erogenous zone. If you’re feeling adventurous and decide to use your lips or tongue, those techniques can because in correlation with fellatio. This area can be sensitive to a man in regards to his ego, so be considerate and ask if he would like to explore this erogenous zone - if he says yes, take it slow but go as far as he will allow.


This erogenous zone is known to most but we’ve become a little stale in how we decide to stimulate the neck. Kissing and licking have become the standard. In efforts to branch out and surprise your guy, try placing your lips on his neck and start a hum. The vibrations from your lips alone will awaken the nerves of his neck; watch as the feeling translates to his nether regions translate to his nether regions. Also, expand the radius of his neck and stimulate his ears as well as his collarbone area to give yourself more play area while keeping him on his toes.

Try these techniques on his erogenous zones in correlation with this cooling and warming gel as well as these massage oils. Before you run off to explore, comment below and let me know which technique you’re most excited to use on your partner. Happy explorations!



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