Monday, August 15, 2016

The Journey to Vaginal Orgasm

This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.

First off, I'd like to start a slow, escalating hand clap for the thirty percent of woman who can achieve orgasm solely from vaginal stimulation. According to Freud, you're a grown ass woman. But speaking for the remaining seventy percent of women that need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm- which Freud considered childish - I say to you: whoop-dee-doo-dah-day for you. But I won't lie in saying that I've dreamt of a day where I wouldn't have to remember to give myself some TLC while being taken by my partner. This is how I attempted a vaginal orgasm:

The Bigger the Better?

I looked for the biggest penis I could find and tried to conquer it. I figured the length and girth would cover more surface area and give the vaginal stimulation a 'fuller' effect - boy, was I wrong. I gained two things with that experience: the notion that size doesn't matter... and three days of pain.

Staying Open
I wasn't sure just how much more open I could get with my partner seeing as how we were having sex, but I tried. I kept my breath flowing, rode every pleasure wave that resonated through my body and voiced my pleasure with exciting moans and groans that had me questioning where those sounds came from. I held myself open to the feeling but nothing came, and neither did I.

Switching Positions
Before getting into it I did some research and found that the position of 'doggy style' was ideal for achieving a vaginal orgasm. So with my belly button to the floor and my hips to sky I entered my final attempt (and vice versa.) No, I didn't achieve vaginal orgasm but the pleasure I experience trying to get there was amazing, and now I wouldn't have it any other way.

After the third attempt I put it to rest. I came to the conclusion that I am not one of the thirty percent of women who can achieve a vaginal orgasm, and that I need a little - okay, maybe a lot - of TLC (tender love and clitoral stimulation.) Although, on the journey I found out more about myself sexually than I ever thought I would. I took myself out of my sexual comfort zones and openly received the new information that was flowing my way. And that information has changed my life of pleasure for the better.

Take it upon yourself to learn something new; if you don't achieve it you're guaranteed to learn something along the way.



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