Thursday, September 1, 2016

Deal Breakers in Sexual Congress

This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.
In many ways sex can be seen as a deal between two people - somewhat similar to a business deal. Two people (or more) choosing to come together, willingly sharing their strengths in the hopes that the work they put in will create a success filled and fruitful 'business'. And with all good business deals comes a foolproof contract - deal breakers if you will. These deal breakers keep the sexual business sacred. But if, by any means, one of the parties decides to break one of the deals, the contract becomes unsacred and the sexual business deal is off. Here are a few of my sexual deal breakers:

Give and Take
Eye for an eye; tit for tat; you scratch my back, I scratch yours. How many other ways can I say it? In sexual congress the game of give and take is key. In the bedroom I see me and my partner as equals and whatever I am willing to do for them I expect the same in return. From oral sex to anal play – if my partner wants to explore me in a certain way they should be open to being explored as well. This practice of give and take can heighten your sexual knowledge of each other and yourself as well.

If my partner is not interested in going down than it won't be going down. For many women, including myself, vaginal penetration alone cannot get us to achieve orgasm. We need a great amount of TLC (Tender, Love and Clitoral Stimulation) before we are able to even think about moving on to other things. After the practice of give and take, cunnilingus is the most important item on my sexual contract because it is the most sure fire way to achieve orgasmic success. Like a wise person once said, in business sometimes you have to go down to move on up!

Bodily Fluids
One thing that I can't get with is bodily fluids. I can handle sweat but when it comes to fluids of a higher viscosity and translucent colour, there is one place it won't be entering – my mouth. Semen should only have a place in the vagina, the toilet or wrapped in a napkin in the garbage. Not to be squirted on any part of my body or my sheets. Oh, and definitely no golden showers!

These stipulations are non-negotiable!

What are your deal breakers?



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