Tuesday, September 20, 2016

USB! (Unlimited Sexual Bliss)

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Say goodbye to batteries; the annoyance of remembering to buy them, and the consequence of paused pleasure when you forget. Wave adiĆ³s to "unique" charging contraptions that, if you break them, cost a breast and a clit to replace. Now say bienvenue to USB powered pleasure!

USB - in my world - stands for Unlimited Sexual Bliss. It is the new and universal way of play that has made it's way into the industry and seems as if it's here to stay. We first saw USB rechargeable vibrators and now your vibrator is the USB! Like your phone, your USB powered toy can be plugged right into your computer or a wall adapter. And because the toy is supplied by a power source with no limitations the vibrations are extremely strong, and you won't have to worry about the amount of time you spend at play because your toy has the capability to go all night long. Not only will the strong vibrations last all night but with the remote control - like the ones attached to your headphones - you'll be able to set the mood by flipping through up to ten arousing vibrating functions.

You're probably picturing a USB chord and shaking your head at the length, saying to yourself: "How is anyone supposed to be pleasured all night long attached to a two foot chord?" No worries, because with NMC's new line of USB powered vibrators, they've thought of everything. Each toy in the line is equipped with a chord more than three times the length of your phone charging chord. The chord is so long it'll feel like it's not even there. Plus, when you're in the throws of individualized passion or involved in a hot video call with your lover overseas, how far will you really be going? But, for some reason, if you do decide to get up and move to the other side of the room midway through your pleasure NMC offers an 18" extension chord to plug in to stretch your Unlimited Sexual Bliss.

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