Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Practice of Cunnilinguism

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This is a follow-up to our previous article, the Theory of Cunnlinguism
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Assume the Position
It's time to get your head out of the clouds when it comes to thinking you can perform the best oral in those taxing porno positions. Positions like the 69 and sitting on your partners face is a great to use for a little dirty talk and foreplay, but doesn't do much for the giving or receiving of cunnilingus. When receiving cunnilingus your body should be in the comfortable position of lying on your back; legs spread apart with your butt on the edge of the bed. Your hips should be cocked ever so slightly in the air to give your partner a better view of your front yard. The givers body should be knelt down on the floor, something like the prayer position (find a pillow to kneel on if you must) with one or both hands supporting the receivers lower back to maintain their cocked hips. Your head should be in between your partners legs and your nose, mouth and chin should be matching the length of her vulva. Maintaining the cocked hips position can be challenging so try using a Liberator Wedge. Place it beneath the receivers lower back for theirs and your comfort.

The Warm Up
To clear the air - no, cunnilingus is not foreplay. It will now be referred to as the warm up. During intercourse the vulva and vagina need time to warm up. That warm up time is when our body starts to show signs of arousal: an engorged clitoris, swelling labia and wetness are all signs that your on your way to a definite win but you have to put in work. Warming up for a basketball game you make sure to practice your free throws, layups and drills. Even though the clock hasn't started and the real game has yet to begin all of your efforts must go into preparing for it. Let the free throws be undressing your partner, let the layups be sensual kisses and creatively getting your partner into prime position for snacking and let the drills be kissing their thighs, nibbling on their labia and pulling on their mons pubis. Edible underwear is great for an activity like this! Get creative and find moves that emit a pleasure filled response from your partner. At this point you may want to get the game started and come out of the gate with a slam dunk but try not to be an eager beaver or you may fumble and end up warming the bench.

The First Kiss
After a substantial warm up -it's time for the first kiss. Clock her wetness, the colour of her flushed vulva and her body language. These are all great indicators for figuring out the perfect time to plant one on her. I compare this to a first kiss to put an image behind the action but for cunnilingus the lips won't be used during the first kiss; instead it'll be the tongue. Think of an old St. Bernard dog giving it's owner one long, wet kiss - exactly. When the time is right you stick that wet tongue out and give the vulva one long, wet lick starting from the perineum and ending - with a flick of the tip of the tongue - at the clitoris. The warmth of your tongue mixed with the lubrication from your saliva is the icing on top of the pleasure you have already supplied and one step closer to a cherry on top - her orgasm. Try this Oral Pleasure Glide to give your first kiss some extra flavour!

Game Time
It is believed that the head of the clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg with the other ninety percent of it being a large circuit of nerves spanning from the perineum through the labia, the vagina and ending at the hood of the clitoris. Some even say the G-Spot is no more than a bundle of clitoral nerves that can be felt via shallow vaginal play. It's game time so put your tongue to work in hopes for a win. Flick your tongue north to south and east to west; fast or slow. Play with pressure on the clitoris as well as well as sucking with an occasional nibble. While your mouth is preoccupied let your fingers do the talking with some of your partners favourite fingering techniques. But if you're finding that cunnilingus is a handful - or should I say mouthful - and are unable to effectively add in fingering techniques, try using a toy. It gives you less work and won't hinder her pleasure. A manageable G-Spotter toy is recommended for times like these.

The Cherry On Top
The culmination of the right position, the warm up, the first kiss and some finger/vibrator play can only lead to one thing. Orgasm. If you know your partner you will know the signs of their coming close to orgasm but if you don't here are some sure fire signs of a woman approaching orgasm: rapid and heavy breathing, raised body temperature and the tightening of muscles, including the ones located in the vagina. When you start to see those signs, take a backseat, put on your seat belt and hold tight! When she is mid orgasm you experience exactly what she is feeling through her voice and her body. It is at this point where you should simply keep your tongue pressed firmly on her clitoris and join her on her ride. During the comedown you may flick your tongue on the clitoris left to right and up and down, matching her as she slowly comes to a blissful end.

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