Friday, December 9, 2016

What's On Your Lady's List?

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T'is the season - before the season - where you men rack your brains to come up with the best gift for your ladies. You never know whether it's a hit or a miss until she unwraps your gift - but by then it's too late. To make sure your lady's gift is a definite hit, here are some great ideas for gifts that keep on giving.

The Satisfyer Collection
The Satisfyer is our newest clitoral stimulator collection that has been flying off the shelves since it arrived in stores. With eleven titillating functions that are easy to use. If they could talk, any one of these toy models would promise your lady many nights of multiple orgasms. The Satisfyer can be used for her own solo play or she can use it during intercourse to keep her clitoris stimulated while you focus penetration.

We-Vibe Sync
If you really want to let your lady know how much you care, splurge on the most recent update from Canada's own Standard Innovations. The We-Vibe Sync offers a brand new spin on the classic couples vibrator. It now forms to your ladies unique shape, and with remote/app controlled vibrations that adds heat to every sexual experience, chestnuts aren't the only thing that'll be roasting this holiday season.

Wonderlust Harmony
BMS Factory's most recent rendition of a rabbit vibrator from their new Wonderlust line is perfect for giving on a budget. The Wonderlust Harmony is a internal and external vibrator that is equipped with all the perks of a high end toy: it's water-resistant, made with soft-touch silicone, comes with 20 different vibrating functions, and, yes, it's rechargeable! Imagine your ladies "O" face when she unwraps this gift.

Give your lady a glimpse of your fantasies and make her feel super sexy with some special lingerie. Starting your sexual encounters off with your lady dressed to the nines in a sexy corset or tantalizing teddy will definitely set the mood off right. The clothes won't stay on for too long - hopefully - but you'll feel the difference it can make.

Oh, and you can't forget the stocking stuffers: lube and massage oil kits work great for that! These ideas should start you off on the right foot in search of your lady's perfect gift. Once she opens her gift and sees what's in store, she'll be thanking you in her own little way in no time. See, I wasn't lying when I said "gifts that keep on giving."



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