Friday, January 27, 2017

Product Review: Satisfyer Pro Penguin

This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.

I'm sure you've all noticed the new clitoral stimulators on the Aren't We Naughty online store. The Satisfyer line includes the new clitoral stimulators that are making waves in the adult toy industry and trumping the Womanizer's popularity amongst women. With all of the hustle and bustle surrounded by these Satisfyers I had to experience the hype for myself. So, at this years Toronto Sex Show, I picked up the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. I tried it that very night; and after that, nothing was the same.

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin usually retails for easily over a hundred dollars. I know what you're thinking, "Woah! A hundred bucks?" But that's a steal compared to the retail price of the Womanizer when they first came on the scene. Plus, you can find the SatifyerPro Penguin for way cheaper than retail on the Aren't We Naughty online store.

What really sold me on the Satisfyer Pro Penguin was:

• The patented Pressure Wave Technology
• That the toy is completely Waterproof so you can take it for a swim
• It has 11 orgasmic functions that promise climax every time
• It's made with body-safe silicone so it can be used on all skin sensitivities
• It's rechargeable - no batteries, no problem
• And, it's just so darn cute!!

The appeal of the brand new, white Satisfyer Pro Penguin packaging with the sonic waves signifying the innovative Pressure Wave Technology had me at hello. Inside, the packaging is very straight forward. It came with the Penguin, the magnetic USB charger and an instruction manual outlining the use and maintenance of the toy in multiple languages. The toy came fully charged - to this day I have yet to feel the need to recharge it. The Penguin is very effective and efficient in helping the body achieve orgasm making the battery life seem never-ending. During use I find that the make of the Penguin is very ergonomically friendly. I can grip the toy in one hand comfortably and use the thumb of whichever hand I choose to use to flip through the 11 orgasmic functions.

The only flaw is that there is only one button to control the intensity of the pressure wave technology. So as you press, the pressure only goes one way - up. Until you reach the highest function, and at that point the pressure starts to deescalate bringing you back to the lowest setting. After orgasm, if you don't click fast enough to reach the lowest setting you may feel like the toy is sucking the life out of your clit. Which, depending on how you like it, may not be such a bad thing. To combat this flaw, I simply press my way back down or turn the toy off completely after orgasm.

All in all, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin delivers in every way it advertises. I have achieved orgasm after orgasm , and I've even squirted! with little to no effort on my end. With the Satisfyer Pro Penguin all you have to do is comfortably place the head of the toy around your clit and let your body relax into ecstasy.

I've got mine, now it's time to get yours?!

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