Thursday, February 23, 2017

Things To Know When Shopping For Lingerie

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So, I've been getting a lot of inquiries involving lingerie, and needless to say, they haven't all been good. Here's a few tips on how to make your lingerie shopping experience a little more fruitful, and my job a lot easier…

One Size Does NOT Fit All
Don't be fooled by the one size fits all tags you see on some retail lingerie. Chances are, if you're not a small or medium, that one size may not be for you. Lingerie retailers have learned from their mistakes and have recently changed the size tags to read 'one size fits most.' This change has cleared some things up for consumers but what you need to know is that even though that size tag has changed the outfit is still the same.

Try To Buy In-Store
If you're a veteran in buying yourself lingerie; you know your size, and have a preferred brand who's sizes you are familiar with, shopping online shouldn't be to much of an issue. But if you are not a veteran it's best to keep your lingerie shopping non virtual. Buying lingerie in-store will always give you the upper hand. Before purchasing in-store you are able to compare sizes, feel the materials of the outfit - confirm whether they have good stretch or not, ask any questions that arise to a knowledgeable store clerk, and most importantly you will be able to try the outfit on. These are all very big factors that separate a great lingerie purchase from a disastrous one.

Know Your Measurements
Did you know that a woman should get sized for a bra at least twice a year? Our bodies change; growing and shrinking in all directions and areas. Because of this, as difficult as it may seem, it's best to stay on top of our measurements; waist, natural waist, hips and bra size being the most important when purchasing lingerie. Next time you're looking to buy a bra, before browsing, ask a clerk for a fitting so you know what you're looking for. Speaking from experience, you'll see and feel a big difference once it's time to try on your options.

If these don't help, I'm sure your birthday suit will do the trick.

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