Friday, March 31, 2017

Top 5: Tips For Better Self Pleasure

This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.

Don't get caught slipping. Before your next masturbation session, brush up on the top five self-pleasure tips you'll need to achieve a squir-tastic orgasm!

1. The Right Toy
When looking for toys there are so many options that the choice can start to seem very overwhelming. To combat this feeling it's good to know what you want from a toy before shopping. Do you want to achieve a vaginal, a clitoral or a g-spot orgasm? Do you want internal or external stimulation? Vibrating or non-vibrating? Answer these questions and you'll find that the options will become much more manageable. For clitoral orgasm, I always go for my right hand man – the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. He never lets me down.

2. Lube!
Just like toys, lubes come in many different styles for many different purposes. Do you choose a silicone or water-based? Warming or cooling? Natural or hybrid? Decisions, decisions! I suggest starting out with a basic water-based lubricant before expanding your unguent horizons. Why water-based? It's the most universal of lubricants and is always recommended when using silicone toys for self-pleasure - and any toy for that matter. It's also great to explore with lubes because you may find that your body responds to self-pleasure so well you won't even need it.

3. Reinforcements
First, a lock on your door (for those who don't live alone.) Peace of mind is key in true relaxation during self-pleasure. Personally, I like a little music. Whether driving, cleaning, or working it always gets me in the mood; and, when masturbating, drowns out my pleasure filled moans and groans. With pleasure comes the moans and groans along with some leakage. That's why a plastic sheet protector is a great tool when you need something to catch those heavenly juices and save those bed sheets.

4. Privacy
Some people enjoy the risk of engaging in self pleasure while knowing someone else is home. I agree, it can definitely add to the experience but as a woman who does not live alone I've experienced the pros and cons of this and, personally, I'm over it. I've had my share of being caught in flagrante delicto, and now there is nothing more satisfying than knowing I have complete privacy. With that peace of mind during self pleasure the options for exploring yourself are endless. Explore different positions and techniques, moan freely and when you've finished just lay there naked and satisfied. That's my definition of true pleasure.

5. A Good Cleansing
Depending on who your mentality this is a tip you may or may not care for. Personally, it depends on the mindset I went into my self-pleasure session with. If I went in looking for a quickie, I wouldn't spend much time thinking about how I'd cleanse myself afterward; a quick wipe in the right areas would do because chances are, after my session, I'd drop asleep in a matter of seconds. But if I went into my self-pleasure session looking for an experience that would awaken then relax all of my senses, I would plan a nice long shower or even a bubble bath where I'd extend my self-pleasure by washing myself then washing my toy. Washing your toy with toy cleaner or warm soapy water is a step you should never forget!

Well, that's my Top 5. What are yours? If you have any add ons or a tip you'd switch out, comment below and keep the conversation going!! Happy explorations!



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