Wednesday, May 31, 2017

5 Simple Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Bash!

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It's that time of year ladies! The time of year where the weather is getting better and we have to diet and hit the gym like never before because the first lady from our best friends girl group is getting married in a matter of weeks. It's also the time when we regret eagerly volunteering to plan the bachelorette party. Well, regret no more, brides maids! Below are five easy tips to make your bachelorette party planning debut a major bash!

Create A Theme

Get creative and come up with a great theme that really plays off of the personality of the bride-to-be. Have fun coming up with the ideas and be sure that it will open up the bride to her playful side. The bachelorette party is a time for fun, laughter and making memories so don't limit yourself on how far you can go. It also wouldn't be a bad thing to let the bride-to-be in on some ideas you may have just to run them by her and get reactions but once you've come up with a solid theme, keep some mystery to the party by keeping her in the dark on some aspects. Remember that she is a guest to the function and deserves the surprise.

Decorate With Purpose

Once you've picked your theme it'll be time to decorate. This step may be one of the most stressful because you want the theme to stand out without shoving it down the ladies' throats. You have to find a balance. Try planning the decorations on basis of needs. If you are serving food and drinks you'll need to buy napkins and straws so make those match your theme. When you combine your theme with party necessities it adds a fuller affect to the event by tying in the theme rather than adding it last minute. And don't forget, the bride may need decorating as well if you haven't yet let her in on the theme, so accessorize her, and add the essence of the bachelorette party's theme.

Ice Breakers and Games

This is the part where it can get a bit raunchy. Like I said before, the bachelorette party is to celebrate the upcoming marriage with fun, laughter and memories so why not merge your sexy side with your playful side and pull out some raunchy games to break the ice with the ladies. You can create your own games or purchase them here. One of my favourites is the Adult Pinata. Buy an empty penis shaped pinata and fill it with pecker shaped candies and other edible novelties as a fun way to let the ladies work for their desert. Board games and card games are also fun ways to keep the energy up.

Leave Room For Play

I know, planning events and keeping things on track can be very stressful. You've scheduled everything to a tee in hopes that everything fits into your time line. But when you are dealing with a large group of ladies who have probably had more than enough to drink you must leave wiggle room. The ladies are going to want to socialize, go for that second – maybe third – plate of h'orderves, or maybe even want more time to play a certain game. I can guarantee that you will at some point be driven off of schedule due to guests or event mishaps but if you’ve already planned time for those delays you'll be several steps ahead. So plan for some setbacks early on to minimize stress and allow yourself to enjoy the positive and negative events of the bachelorette bash.

Party Favours

After all of that adult fun, you can't let the ladies leave empty handed. Yes, the memories will stay with them forever but a little gift to cap off the night or wake them up the morning after is always a great finishing touch. Whether it be a goody bag filled with trinkets or a hand-made picture frame for that personal touch, let it match the party's theme while putting a smile on everyone's face.

And there you have it! Five tips to keep in mind when planning the ultimate bachelorette party. Let your creativity guide you and, most importantly, have fun! Click here to start brainstorming theme ideas now!



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