Monday, May 15, 2017

Sex Poses for Ladies In Love

This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.

Even though my time exploring the world of being in a sexual relationship with a woman has ended for now, I can't help my ongoing curiosity. I have many friends who have committed to that world and I'd be lying if I said I didn't have inquiries about how they spice it up during a session with their partner. So, naturally, I went on Google and looked it up. I was surprised at the hundreds of sex positions a lady on lady session could generate. I was also surprised at the amount of sex positions I saw that got me fantasizing and really thinking. There were plenty, so I narrowed it down to four. Here are my favourite lady on lady sex positions . (Keep in mind, I've only explored these in my fantasies.)

The "Look Back At It"

In this position the first lady is sitting back with her arms propping up her upper body; one knee is bent in a semi-supine position while the other leg is flat and relaxed. Out of the two, this is the passive position but I like to put in work so the second lady's pose is what really added to my fantasy. The second lady would wrap themselves around their partner as if they were about to scissor; they would then bend their leg at the knee and lay the other straight, assuring the clitorises have made contact. And finally, they would prop themselves up with one arm then – my favourite part – look back at it! This, for me, is the power position because in the second lady's pose I'd have more control over how I get my orgasm. I'd be able to work it, bend it, flip it, twerk it, drop it – pop it and lock it! Me and my partner would achieve orgasm and my partner gets the bonus of a pretty good show. If you want to spice this position up, the passive partner can try a strap on with a rubber dildo.

Between Your Thighs

In this position the first lady is lying on her back with both knees up, legs spread apart and back masterfully arched. The second lady is sitting up right with both knees bent and in between her partners legs; each leg should be on either side of your partners body. At first thought, I imagined this position would be great for the lady in the passive pose because they would be on the receiving end of any touches, rub ups and feel ups that her lady is willing to supply. Not to mention, in her position, the clitoris is in the prime spot for stimulation. Although, imagining the session from a different point of view, the lady in the up right position has the freedom to play with her hands and the added benefit of a great view of her woman's facial and body reactions as she stimulates with her free hands. The non-passive position is great for ladies who prefer visual arousal. As a woman who prefers touch and sound, the passive position is where I'd be. To spice it up you can use a mini vibe on the clitoris or nipple teasers for more intense stimulation and a deeper orgasm.

Bumper To Bumper

This position is simple, both ladies will be propped up on hands and knees facing away from each other. Bumper to bumper. To get more out of the position, backs should be arched for better stimulation of the clitoris and you can also pleasure yourself by balancing on one hand and stimulating your clitoris and breasts with the other. Now, I get queasy when I swipe bumper to bumper with someone at the grocery so it took me a while to warm up to this position in my mind, but it wasn't until I imagined adding a double ended dildo in the mix where the bumper to bumper position really had me heated. When you add a double ended dildo in between the both of you it mimics the feeling of getting penetrated from behind – ya, I'm that kind of girl. And because you're working with a partner who feels something very similar to what you are feeling, you will be able to create a pace that suits the both of you to achieve a simultaneous orgasm.

Bedtime Clitoris Kisses

You know this wouldn't be complete without a cunnilingus position so here is one that really caught my clit. This position includes a low sitting bed (like one of them ones from Ikea) and a pillow (or two). The first lady will lie horizontally on the bed on their stomach; this is great because while they perform cunnilingus there won't be so much strain on their neck. The second lady lies on her back on the floor with her hips propped up on the edge of the bed – be sure that your partners face fits comfortably in between your legs. The lady on the floor will need one pillow under her head and another under her hips for comfort. Once everyone is comfortable the lady lying on the bed will perform cunnilingus. This position really gets me going because of the vulnerability of the lady receiving cunnilingus. With her body that spread out and clitoris so exposed, an orgasm is inevitable. And with the way both bodies are positioned it gives both ladies a clear view of their partner mid-cunnilingus which adds to the pleasure. I'm going to have to actually try this one with my partner, then maybe he'll stop complaining about how much his neck hurts afterwards.

Welp, there it is, my lady on lady fantasies. I hope everyone has been inspired to explore! If you have any positions to keep my fantasies flowing, comment below! And hit the 'like' button to support in my journey to keep the conversation open!

DISCLAIMER: For the positions where I suggested using a strap on or dildo, I recognise that not all ladies have experienced penetration, and if they have they just may not be comfortable with it. Keep in mind, they are only suggestions, and the great thing about all of these positions (and sex, in general) is that there are no set rules. The guidelines are agreed upon by you and your partner for your comfort.

Happy Explorations!!



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