Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bubble Pop ElectraStim!

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Tired of masturbating with that outdated rubber sleeve or plastic dildo? Sick of fumbling with AAA batteries just to get less than an hour of fun times? Looking for new ways to spice it up in bed with your partner because doggy style just isn't doing it for you anymore? If you've said yes to any one of these scenarios, ElectraStim is here to pop your boredom bubble!

ElectaStim is a new product line that has recently debuted on our online store. Although, electrostimulation is a not-so-new concept that has made its way into our bedrooms and sex lives. Making its debut in the late 1700's, the practice of electrostimulation for erotic purposes is used to stimulate the nerves and body focusing on the genitals and erogenous zones using electrical current. Since becoming its most popular in the 1980's-90's, the use of electrostimulation has been seen predominately during BDSM play. But as we grow, get more comfortable and more experimental with our sexuality, we find that electrostimulation can be used across the board. It can be used for couples and even solo play!

As stated above, the revamped ElectraStim line uses electrical current to stimulate your erogenous zones for advanced sexual pleasure. The heart of the ElectraStim line is the rechargeable - yes, rechargeable - Electro-Sex Flick Stimulator Pack that comes equipped with 7 electric functions from escalating to pulsating and 24 intensity settings. It even comes with a rhythmic stimulation function that syncs to your movements to give you a tailored sensual experience. The Flick Stimulator Pack comes with the electrical unit, 4 ElectraPads for beginners play, a USB charging cable, and a connection wire with pin connectors that can be used with any of the ElectraStim accessories. The accessories range from a dildo to a butt plug to a urethral probe for men. With the ElectraStim line, the possibilities for pleasure are endless!

If you're looking to raise the current between the sheets, check out the ElectraStim line today and use the Aren't We Naughty online chat to speak in real time with educated customer service reps for inquiries.

Disclaimer: The only consequence we should get from experimental sexual pleasure is orgasm. It is advised that users fully educate themselves on the risks and precautions linked to electrostimulation before use. Play safe!



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