Thursday, August 24, 2017

Rabbits of All Kinds

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In the wake of The Rabbit Company's new toy line filled with many varieties of rabbit styled vibes, we're all hopping for joy at the chance to experience one. So, here's a little background on the rabbit vibe so we know what we're getting into (or what's getting into us.)

The rabbit vibrator, name deriving from the rabbit being the lucky charm in Japan, appeared on the scene in 1984 from a company called Vibratex - the ones behind the Original Magic Wand. It wasn't a big hit until it started selling in the US in 1993, and appeared in the timeless television series, Sex and the City. The rabbit started out having its battery pack and controls in a separate attachment but they quickly innovated and started manufacturing the rabbit with the battery pack and controls at the bottom of the toy which is what you see today.

The rabbit didn't gain its popularity simply from being mentioned on a show. Its effectiveness at providing women with tremendous orgasms has maintained its popularity and has allowed it to grow into the hot commodity it is today. The fact that it offers dual stimulation opens up the market to the 70% of women who are unable to achieve orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone. It's very inclusive and now that the rabbit comes in various shapes and sizes, there is one to satisfy almost anyone.

The rabbit has had the opportunity to grow from being solely battery operated to USB rechargeable. Its gone from having only three vibrating intensities to up to six vibrating patterns in each motor as well as the intensities. Its grown with the needs of it's consumers, and it really shows in The Rabbit Company's toy line.

From The Classic Rabbit to The Kissing Rabbit to The Beaded Backdoor Rabbit, there is one for everybunny! For more information, take a look at The Rabbit Company's toy line today.



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