Thursday, August 17, 2017

Zumio: Orgasm in 60 Seconds

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It looks like clitoral stimulation technology hasn't stopped at air suction and air waving. Zumio, the new and improved clitoral stimulator on the scene comes equipped withSpirotip Technology that was invented to mimmick the ever popular finger circles that every clitoris loves. Instead of suction or vibration, Spirotip technology in the Zumio offers up to 8 whirling intensities that is said to produce an orgasm in less than a minute! And three orgasms in less than ten minutes! I just may have to give this little guy a whirl.

At first glance, I find the packaging elegant with its white background and the silhouette of a woman that lights up with all of the colours of the rainbow when placed in the right light. In the box, that pays homage to We-Vibe's former packaging, comes a stand charger, a USB compatible chord for charging, a Zumio silk drawstring toy bag, a multi-lingual, detailed instruction manual that comes with step by step instructions on how to receive an orgasm through the Zumio 60 second experience. And, of course, the Zumio. The Zumio, with it's ergonomic pen-shaped figure, dawns a rich purple colour. The toy is built with an easy to use, three button control interface. On, and an up and down button to control the intensity of the whirls. The revolutionary tip is made from a hard ABS plastic which promotes stronger whirling intensities to give you quality pleasure. All of this worked in to a beautiful infinity design to promote unlimited, orgasmic bliss.

The Zumio prides itself on being invented and designed by women in an industry where women's sex toys have been designed by men for years. Finally, woman can be in charge of how they receive orgasms! If that doesn't entice you, maybe the fact that the Zumio can be used for solo and couples play will. You have the choice to give yourself and your partner the opportunity to open the doors to the pleasure Spirotip technology can offer.

Take a look at the Zumio today, and receive your orgasmic Zumio 60 second experience tomorrow. As always, Happy Explorations!



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