Friday, September 1, 2017

Orgasm On A Budget

This blog was prepared by Lips'n'Licks in her own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own.

In the midst of all the new big ticket items out on the sex toy market these days, I can understand why you may feel like it's a bit difficult to find an orgasm in your price range. Flipping through all of the new, top of the line toys can be a little daunting and can make you wonder how much an orgasm is truly worth. I must admit I am guilty of this. The flurry of high end toys have blinded my vision and I've forgotten all about my humble beginnings. Cheapie toys have been there for all of us on our self-pleasure journeys. They were there when we entered the sex toy game and upgraded from our index and middle fingers, they were there when we were on a strict budget but didn't want to compromise our pleasure, and they were there during our pipe dreams to achieve bigger and better orgasms as we scrolled through the high end toys. So, I'm here to remind you why you loved those cheapie toys; why we can't forget them; and, even though some of us may have moved on, cheapie toys will always be there for us.

1. You Save Money

What's better than saving some extra dollars? Saving extra dollars and an orgasm. Yes, cheapie toys are given that name for a reason but it does not hinder your chances at achieving orgasm. Most times, when using a toy, it is all about how you use the toy and not necessarily all of the perks a toy can come with. So, why not save a few bucks and grab a battery operated toy? It has the potential to give you a great orgasm. And with the money you've saved you can buy that extra drink tonight at dinner with your friends.

2. You Can Try Different Options Before Going Deep

When scrolling through pages and pages of high end toys with their body-safe silicone and 10+ functions, we can't help but stare with wanting in our eyes. But which one do we really want? Here comes the beauty of being cheap. With cheapie toys, we are able to purchase a few knockoffs of the high end toys and use them to figure out exactly what we want before we spend our hard earned golden dollars. If you've been eyeing that $200 rabbit but can't justify it, try a cheapie first and see what it can do for you before going deep.

3. You Get More Options

Options, options and more options! Cheapie toys offer different colour choices, sizes and models. Most times, with high end toys, they only offer one of its type in one colour (two if you're lucky). Cheapie toys give you the opportunity to personalize your toy and really make it yours.

4. You Won't Feel So Bad If It Breaks

If and when a cheapie toy conks out on you, you won't feel as bad because you didn't break the bank to buy it. In comparison to higher end toys, the cheapie toys are definitely more susceptible to breaking because they're made cheaply. But it shouldn't stop you because most toys come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Which means, within the first year, if the toy stops working you can contact the manufacturer and possibly get a new free toy! Always keep the toys packaging and receipt, just in case.

Just thinking about those four reminders had me reminiscing about my humble upbringings, I hope it did the same for you. Instead of looking through the high end toys today, CLICK HERE to search great finds for all toys under $30. They'll be inexpensive and orgasmic! Thanks for reading and Happy explorations!!



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